Why should you take up Shooting Sports?

You will never see or be involved in stuff like this.

I have been in IDPA sanctioned matches with close to 300 competitors plus the significant others and kids and the only loud voices you hear come from the Safety Officers issuing the range commands. The hardest physical interaction between people constrained to hard back slaps between friends who had not see each other for a while.  And if you think we don’t have highly competitive individuals, you would be very wrong.  I am sure it is the same thing for all other shooting sports, from clays to Cowboy Action.

Armed society is a polite society.

3 Replies to “Why should you take up Shooting Sports?”

  1. And even more sad – none of these idiots are even participants in the sport, just spectators. Admittedly we can see brawls between the teams, but it is usually the (drunken) idiots in the stands having the fights.

    But is concealed carry was allowed in the stadium I’ll bet this would disappear pretty quickly.

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