Shannon Watts is protecting the narrative in OKC

More news is available about what happened in Oklahoma City and the  Louie’s Grill & Bar shooting.

Shannon Watts immediately rushed to attack the idea that it was good men with guns.

See, the two guys that engaged the shooter were not just regular Joe Schmoes with CCW permits.  One was a retired cop the other is National Guardsman.  That means that both men were anointed with the magic, superiority granting fairy dust of government.

Or in Shannons word’s “Not. Average. Civilians.”

Except that they are.  A retired cop is a… civilian.  Being a police officer is not like being a knight, it is not a lifetime title of nobility.

Also, don’t forget that a review of police shootings shows that they had a hit accuracy of 18-30%.  I get that being involved in a shooting is stressful, but most police do not have force-on-force shooting training so the idea that a cop is going to be any more accurate than an “average civilian” with a CCW is ludicrous.

Over the the Guardsman.  America is not a Junta.  A National Guardsman who has not been activated by the governor is a… civilian.  I have no idea what his MOS is, but unless he is combat arms, his firearms training may be no more than what we went through at basic plus his annual qualification.  He may have never shot a handgun in his military career.

When it comes to firearms training with the military, there is an article worth reading by a former member of MARSOC about non combat arms troops.

Negligent discharges: One subject the military really doesn’t like to talk about

I concur with the idea that weapon safety is a mindset. I think our least common denominator training and treating the troops like idiots at the rifle range causes them to either be afraid of weapons or be cavalier about them. As a result, there are NDs. In Special Operations Forces, the mindset is very, very different and NDs are incredibly rare. Pointing weapons at each other is not tolerated and there is a ton of pride in one’s ability to masterfully handle the tools of our trade.

We know that policemen have loaded weapons 100 percent of the time they are working for their entire careers. For Marines and Soldiers, it is almost zero while in garrison. A mechanic goes to the rifle range at most once a year and there he is told in lockstep fashion to load, shoot and unload. That same mechanic is expected to carry a rifle and ammo everywhere he goes while in Iraq. Infantrymen spend a lot of time in the field carrying empty weapons but total hours of carrying loaded weapons into offices, chow halls, public places = zero while in garrison.

So in all likelihood, this Guardsman’s pistol wielding ability is the result of civilian practice and not military experience.

*There is one thing I’d like to mention here.  I hate that “civilian” is no longer includes police officers.  In the strictest sense, a “civilian” is defined by the law to be a non-combatant in war.  Police in the US are not military and cannot be militarized.  If we were to be invaded, they have the same legal status as the rest of us.  Defining police as non-civilians only exacerbates the “us vs them” mentality that causes problems in law enforcement.  If you want to make the argument that they are not civilians because they are civil servants, than every Post Office Worker and DMV employee is also not a civilian because they receive a goverment paycheck.

So the reality is a former cop and an off duty Guardsman with CCW permits are legally civilians and if they only have their minimum agency or military training, are below “Average. Civilians.” by CCW standards.

That’s not enough however, Shannon has to continue attacking CCW.

How than this be?  There has to be some bullshit here.

Tilghman was licensed as an armed security guard, which authorized him to carry a firearm, said Gerald Konkler, general counsel for the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training. The council certifies law enforcement officers and other armed personnel across the state.

Obtaining such a license requires a background check and at least 72 hours of training.

An Oklahoma armed security guard license is not a CCW.  I don’t know if he had a CCW, but his security guard licence isn’t one.

But he’s a prohibited person, right? No.

Tilghman didn’t have an extensive police record. In fact, his last contact with the police was in 2003. Mathews said that at that time, he had been arrested at the age of 13 for a domestic assault and battery. But there were no records in their system of any additional reports about Tilghman after that, officials said.

He was arrested at 13.  He was not convicted.  As a juvenile under 17 when this happened, he could have his record expunged as an adult.  Either way, he’s not legally a prohibited person.

So that tuns out to be bullshit too.

That’s crazy.

His family told reporters that Tilghman had serious mental health issues and they tried to get him help.

He’s still wasn’t adjudicated mentally ill and therefore not a prohibited person.

She concludes with this.

Yeah… except that the shooter had a background check and 72 hours of training, but because he was arrested but not convicted as a juvenile and not adjudicated mentally ill, he was able to pass a background check.

So what is the point here?  The process that was supposed to prevent a bad guy from getting a gun didn’t.

What about the two men who shot Tilghman?  They passed a background check for a their CCW permits.  They also passed the Oklahoma CCW training class.  Maybe they had slightly better training as a former COP and Guardsman but that may have been marginal at best, and evidence shows that the minimum LEO or military standards results in bad performance.

Every part of her argument on why this shooting proves her narrative and not the NRA’s is dishonest horseshit.

Unfortunately people believe her.

Really?  What evidence is there to support this in anyway?

Show me one case where civilians got into defensive gun battles and hit everything but the bad guy.  I can show you where the NYPD hit nine bystanders.

What’s her proof?

HAHAHAHAHA.  “Cops suck so civilians must be worse.”  That’s not the quality argument that she thinks it is.

So unless it was a former SWAT officer and Infantryman, just two guys who got to the range every year to qualify?

That is the problem with these people is that put way too much faith in goverment training and way to little in target shooters.  What can you expect from people who worship at the church of state.  The magical fairy dust of goverment is all that is needed even if the training sucks.  An IDPA or USPSA master with a CCW permit is just a civilian who is going to blow holes in everything.

According to Shannon Watts and Co. Barney Fife is more qualified than Jerry Miculek because… badge.


The New Yorker destroys masculinity

This is a listicle from The New Yorker.

Seven Signs That Your Man’s Masculinity Is Nontoxic

Oh help me God, this is going to suck.  I’ve checked twice and it is not described as satire anywhere.  It is one of the “Daily Shouts” so I a going to assume it is serious.

1. He carries a tote bag that’s at once pro-environment, pro-feminism, and pro-reading.

This is the picture this goes along with it:

That man carries that bag because his feminist partner put his balls in it.

The type of third wave feminism that puts the “Woman Power” symbol on stuff is more toxic than any masculinity that I’ve ever seen.

Protecting the environment is great, but this type of showy Prius driving environmentalism doesn’t protect the environment.  Yes, you use less gas… and a lot more heavy metal and rare earths from the Congo.  Your hybrid has destroyed more African jungle than my big block V8.

I have a man purse.  It’s made by Maxpedition  and contains a Leatherman, flashlight, tourniquet, Israeli bandage, and a 1911 with two spare mags.  If I’m someplace where the shit might hit the fan, I’m at least partially ready.

That is pathetically sad signaling without substance.

2. When he goes into a sports bar to use the bathroom, he buys a glass of white wine to be polite.

Yes, when you use a bathroom in a business, buy something.  But why go into a sports bar to use the bathroom?  Do sports bars even serve white wine?  This has to be some sort of trolling right?  Isn’t it just easier to buy a no-caff soy latte at the Starbucks?  After this guys buys his White Zinfandel, does he go into the ladies room?

3. He openly cries during Pixar movies—even the parts that aren’t sad, just beautiful.

There is a scene in the beginning of UP and another about halfway through Inside Out that I am convinced will be used as a test to separate humans from replicants.  It’s okay to get a little dusty.

If your man cries his way through The Incredibles, he has the emotional control of a toddler.

4. He opens doors for women at work, but they’re metaphorical doors, like the ones that lead to promotions.

Fucking bullshit.  I’m sorry.  That’s what this is.  If you are a superior it is always good to mentor a subordinate so that they can rise up the corporate ladder.  Every competent employee should be given the chance to succeed.  Give co-workers credit where it is due.

This is not that.  This is self congratulating, and presumably self sacrificing,  “look at me, I got the woman promoted over me” bullshit.

I hope this guy spends the rest of his career never getting more than a minimum cost of living adjustment because he care more about management “diversity” than his own career.  When his kids ask him “daddy, why can’t we go to Disney World?”  He says “because we can’t afford it because this year I made sure Karen got the promotion I deserved since she’s a woman.”

5. He laughs calmly when called a cuck. He laughs loudly when women are funny. He does not laugh when men are not.

He laughs when he’s called a “cuck” because he knows he is one.  He laughs when women are funny, and when they are not funny, because he can’t tell the difference.  He does not laugh at men because he’s been told that male comedy is toxic.  Like all feminists, he is part of the death of humor.

6. He makes references to Kurt Vonnegut because he’s genuinely interested to hear other people’s opinions of Vonnegut’s work. He never makes references to David Foster Wallace.

Horseshit.  He has never read Vonnegut, or if he has he’s read Harrison Bergeron the way Leftists read 1984, as a fucking instruction manual.  He doesn’t want my honest opinion of Vonnegut because it is “stop hanging bags of birdshot on people who don’t reflect your ‘corporate diversity’ initiative you Diana Moon Glampers cuck.

I have no idea who David Foster Wallace is.

7. He strictly follows all traffic laws when he plays Grand Theft Auto. His Sims world is a matriarchy. He does not have a Twitter account.

The whole point to GTA is to beak the law.  How the fuck else is the game supposed to go?  Does he think the point of PacMan is to get eaten by the ghosts?

How do you build a Sims matriarchy?  The only Sims game worth playing is Sim City and the only reason to build a city is to then unleash a monster on it.

If he doesn’t have a Twitter account, how is he supposed to virtue signal hate against anybody who quotes Christopher Hitchens saying that women aren’t funny.


What I’ve learned here is that my masculinity is fucking poison.  I drive a big fucking truck.  I use it to haul lumber to build and fix things.  I know which end of the hammer to hold.  The only time I don’t have a knife on me is when I’m taking a shower.

I work honestly and diligently, not playing office politics, with the hope that I will be rewarded for my efforts so I can make more money to take care of my family.

I am a provider, a protector, and a defender.  I am the bedrock on which the household is built.   That is the job of a man.

This non-toxic milquetoast masculinity is like building a household on swampland.  There is nothing firm about it, including this guy’s dick.

One day, future humans will be in a museum looking at a display called “The Fall of Ancient America.”  One young person will ask the historian giving the tour “how could a civilization that was so great collapse so quickly?”

The historian will then explain “Ancient America was allowed to fall into disrepair and the savage horde were able to over run it, because the men who were supposed to repair and protect it were more concerned with how toxic their masculinity was than maintaining a functioning civilization.”

Dune and dance

I saw a video over at The Feral Irishman, that I won’t post here, but you can go there and look at it.  It’s not really safe for work.

If you don’t want to watch it, I can tell you what it is, advanced twerking.

Personally, I’m not into twerking.  It’s not sexy, it’s vulgar.

However, when I saw that video, I was reminded of Dune.  Yes, really.  Not the movie (which I love BTW) but the book (which is also excellent).

In the book the Bene Gesserit practice a form of combat called the Weirding Way.  It is an advanced form of martial arts.

To make a long book short, FTL travel, heavier than air flight, and shields are all possible because of technology called the Holtzman Effect.  Shields prevent an object that is moving too fast from penetrating and shooting a shield with a laser will cause a nuclear explosion.

A knife or a dart will penetrate a personal shield since the shield velocity for a person has to be at least high enough to allow respiration to occur otherwise a person will suffocate inside their shield.

That makes firearms and direct energy weapons sort of pointless in war, so in the year 10,191 combat goes back to being mele warfare.

This was not done in the movie because the director didn’t want a “kung fu movie on sand.”  The move is great on its own, but it’s not the book.

The Weirding Way was a method of total body control that allowed a fighter to move fast and in otherwise impossible ways to strike and kill.

The original Bene Gesserit training was called  prana-bindu.  It is described this way: “This allows her to bend the last joint in her little toe while remaining otherwise motionless, bend and contort her body in ways that most would consider impossible, or put a remarkable amount of force behind a physical blow.”

It is that part “ allows her to bend the last joint in her little toe while remaining otherwise motionless” that advanced twerking reminds me of.

There is a lot of skill in being able to perform a precisely timed and highly controlled ass shake without moving the rest of your body.

It is the Bene Gesserit way of ass shaking.

Long live the fighters dancers!

Shannon Watts trips over Warren v. DC

If you haven’t heard the news, there was a shooting at a restaurant in Oklahoma City.

Armed bystanders gunned down a shooter Thursday at an Oklahoma City restaurant, killing him, police said.

A man opened fire with a handgun in Louie’s Grill & Bar, striking three people inside the restaurant from a position outside the front door, Oklahoma City Police Capt. Bo Mathews told reporters. 

As the gunman ran from the scene, two bystanders got their own handguns from the trunks of their vehicles, then confronted and fatally shot the attacker outside the restaurant, Mathews said Friday.

Being Oklahoma, the police praised the men.

“They were able to shoot this suspect and put an end to this very dangerous situation,” Mathews said, adding that the men — Carlos Nazario, 35, and Bryan Wittle, 39 — did not know each other. It’s not clear who fired the fatal shot. Police initially said only one man fired on the attacker.

Of course, Shannon Watts couldn’t let this “good guy with a gun” situation go against her narrative.

The problem is that she tripped over Warren v. DC.

The police have no duty to respond.  The police have no duty to protect.  There was nothing that required the OK City police to prevent this.

She can mock two concealed carriers for shooting the murderer and potentially preventing further loss of life, but there is nothing more that the police themselves were required to do either.

Maybe this is why anti-gun groups are drifting more and more into anti-police politics as well.

“Give up your guns because police will protect you… except they are not required to” is a harder message to sell.

Hogg and the law of unintended consequences

Remember yesterday how David Hogg got Publix to stop making political donations?

Today I saw this Tweet.

I LOVE this.  Funding Planned Parenthood is a tenant of feminism like praying five times a day is to Islam.  Now Publix can’t do that either.

BTW:  This is why I believe companies should stay politics neutral.

I wonder how the Woman’s March is going to deal with him now?

This might be what ends his 15 minutes of fame.


The great MEME war of 2018

I figured I would take a look at Hogg’s meme war against us.

Already that Twitter thread is filled with absolute shit and the people on his side are retarded.

The “oops not legal” thing is a lawn dart.  I hate this meme and the guy who made it – and the people who have been saying this for years – are fucking stupid.

Remember, law darts were banned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and not Congress.  There is no Constitutional right to possess lawn darts.

Beyond all that, is one issue: intent.  A gun is a weapon.  It is designed to kill.  Some are used for target shooting but the sporting purpose is down stream of the fact that the first firearms were weapons.  The whole purpose to own one is to kill.  We trust trust people to use that power responsibly, only to kill in self defense.  But ever time a person picks up a gun, they should know that they are holding a weapon and to treat it accordingly.

Lawn darts are a toy.  They were never designed with the intent to hurt people.  But children where injured when the were hit in the head with lawn darts.  They were terrible accidents and so the CPSC decided to have them banned because people though they were going to have a fun game in the back yard and instead a child suffered brain damage.

Not being able to tell the difference between those two positions is why the UK is banning pie servers.

Because an inanimate object is the same as a venomous sentient creature.

This guy is a fucking moron.

Insulting 48% of Americans as incestuous while advocating for violence against women.  This is very classy.

This is what we are up against, people’s whose hatred is only exceeded by their ignorance.

If this is an example of the best and brightest of Hogg’s army, they are all human sewage.

General David Hogg

David Hogg Tweeted this:

I am no defender of the alt-right, but  in 2018, “alt-right” means anybody to the right of Bernie Sanders.  When Ben Shapiro, Charles Krauthammer, and Brit Hume get called alt-right, you know it’s meaningless.

So this is really just an anti-Republican/anti-Conservative/anti-gun owner thing.

It seems so fitting that David Hogg wishes to fight us on the internet.  He is a social media internet tough guy.  For him a war is getting a bunch of people to harass a person or a business on Twitter.

He and his army of followers have soft hands, used to holding nothing more than a smart phone.

He knows that there are 150 million Americans who own 400 million guns and he intends to defeat us by pressing “send.”

This is just sad.