A bunch of kids laid in the street to protest for gun control.   They laid their for three whole minutes, supposedly because that’s how long it took for Nikolas Cruz to buy a gun.

I don’t think the three minutes had anything to do with how long a NICS check takes, but how long they could go without checking their Facebook status on their phones.

Going out on a limb for The Rude Pundit

After some comments on my last post about The Rude Pundit, I decided I would go through his Twitter feed.

Here is a quick summary of what I learned.

He thinks that Police go through constant firearms training.  This is the worst of the gun control appeal to authority facilities because it is so easily proven wrong.

He wants to bring back the famous 1994 AWB, that was wholly ineffective.

This is where his shit goes down hill.

He really has a hard on for having the police take away people’s guns and the cops killing them in the process.  He thinks that gun owners are just a bunch of pussies who talk tough but will hand over their guns to the police.  At the same time he talks tough, he admits he’s not going door to door, to take guns because “the goverment is.”

He Tweeted this:

Not realizing, the government confiscating property that was purchased legally is right up there in the definition of Tyranny.  What he is calling for is tyranny, but we gun owners can’t recognize that.

I’m going to turn away from The Rude Pundit for a moment and turn to the New York Times, which published an OpEd titled “Repeal the Second Amendment.”  It’s it nonsensical, but it does contain this quote:

My guess: Take the guns—or at least the presumptive right to them—away.

So here we have the NYT being a little more long winded, ultimately getting to the idea of mass gun confiscation.

Last year, the Boston Globe had the same idea.

Ultimately, if gun-control advocates really want to stanch the blood, there’s no way around it: They’ll have to persuade more people of the need to confiscate millions of those firearms, as radical as that idea may now seem.  

So here is where I go out on a limb.

I really don’t want to get into a firefight with cops over my guns.  Dying in my bedroom in front of my kids is not what I want to do.  I really want to avoid that at all costs.

If shit were to actually go south, if DC passed some sort of gun confiscation law and it was upheld by SCOTUS and law enforcement was send to go collect the guns, it’s not the cops that I have any interest fighting.

So why own my guns?  Why say I own guns to stop tyranny if I don’t want do get shot to death by a SWAT team over my AR?

Here is my answer.

The Rude Pundit.  The writers of the New York Times and the Boston Globe.  Moms Demand Action.

It is the people who time and time again, from their comfy offices and academic halls said that the cops should take the guns and if that meant killing gun owners so be it.  It is every Liberal elitist who wants gun owners to be raided but doesn’t want to do it himself.

I want to bring the fight to them.  They wanted my my home raided.  They wanted my friends’ and neighbors’ homes raided, while they slept soundly.  Nope.  They get their doors kicked in too.

They sent the cops to kill gun owners.  They have blood on their hands.

The anti-gun intelligentsia are the Wannsee Conference that planned the final solution to the gun control question.  They are every bit complicit in whatever happens.

If the election of Donald Trump was a “human Molotov cocktail” that was thrown at the elites, they have no idea what is in store for them if they manage to get police to go door to door confiscating guns.  It will be real Molotov cocktails.

The cop who is “just following orders” is morally guilty, but I don’t want to shoot him – and risk being shot myself.  If I own guns to fight tyranny, it is to fight those who gave the orders and cheerleaded the passage of the law and defended it on TV, and I know they are unarmed.

The Liberal elites will not be allowed to stay safe in their ivory towers, insulated from the carnage they created.



Another useless protest

Days after the Parkland shooting, students at Broward County High School had a walkout to protest for gun control.

They were chanting “Justice for Douglas.”

I can understand being scared and upset as as a kid in high school, having witnessed kids in another school getting killed.  But part of being an adult is overcoming emotion and thinking critically about things.

They want “justice for Douglas.”  Okay, what form does that justice take?

CNBC reported that there are some 5 million AR-15’s in civilian hands.

The overwhelming majority of AR-15 owners didn’t shoot up a school, and never will.  The overwhelming majority of gun owners in general won’t either.

So enacting gun control bans that collectively strip rights away from law abiding citizens isn’t justice.  It’s collective punishment.

The Left doesn’t rely on critical thinking, it relies on emotion.

Remember the hysterical nonsense of the Women’s March?  Remember Ashley Judd yelling about being a nasty woman?  This is politics driven by emotion, not rational though.

So it comes to no supersize that the Women’s March is organizing a national student walkout for gun control.

They are going to take to the streets, driven by emotion, with virtually no facts on their side.  They are going to be hailed as heroes by the media.  We will be implored to the “listen to the children.”

This is the same politics we’ve seen since November 2016, just targeting something new.  The mewling of immature people, with no understanding of reality but demanding that “something” be done because they feel it should be.

I feel bad for some of the kids, being used like this by activists.  But some of these kids are about to turn 18 and are going to be eligible to vote soon.  They need to grow up and understand that emotion is not a surrogate for knowledge, just because they FEEL something, doesn’t make it so.

They want you dead, Parkland Edition

Go straight to No. 4.  “pry [assault weapons] from cold, dead hands if your need to.”

Gun owners will not comply.  In Connecticut, “tens of thousands” of gun owners didn’t register their guns.  In New York, the number was almost one million.

Register.  Not sell them to the government, register them.

What percentage does The Rude Pundit think will actually turn them in?

Close to Zero.

Buybacks won’t work.  A $50 gift card is not worth the cost of the Magpul furniture, let alone the rest of the gun, or the other half dozen I have.

In Alabama, the attitude of gun owners would be easily paraphrased as “Ha, ha.  Fuck you!  Try it, Nancy Boi.”

There aren’t more than a handful of cops in Alabama that would carry out that order.

There are only 421 police officers in all of Huntsville.  In Alabama 57.2% of homes have a gun in it.  Huntsville has a population of 193,000.  Doing the math, that means there are roughly 110,000 gun owners in Huntsville alone, meaning that there are some 260 gun owners for every cop in the city.  If half of Huntsville’s gun owners owned an assault rifle,  that’s 230 assault rifle owners per cop.

Let’s say that Huntsville police did start going door to door, how many raids will they have conducted before their numbers are depleted?

This is a pointless exercise.  It can’t happen.  It won’t.

The only thing this Tweet does is show that The Rude Pundit doesn’t value the lives of people he disagrees with on political issues, and wants to kill them, but won’t do it himself.

Again, he proves that there is no political position that the Left isn’t willing to kill countless people in order to push to try and achieve their idea of Utopia.

Somebody take Black Science Man to church today

I had a lot of respect of Neil deGrasse Tyson when he was the host of Discovery Science channel shows.

When he stayed in his area of expertise, he was awesome.

The fame went to his head and now he goes on Twitter and social media with the dumbest and most embarrassing shit.  I’ve lost a lot of respect for the man.

In the wake of the Parkland shooting, this is what he Tweeted.

This is the kind of shit take makes people believe that atheists are misanthropes.

Any religious person would tell you that in situations like this, prayer doesn’t stop bullets.  Prayer is a succor to help with the emotional fallout.

Even modern psychology (SCIENCE!!!) agrees that there is an emotional benefit to prayer.

But when you are full of anti-religious, scientism snark and a feeling of superiority to religious people, why let decency or empathy get in the way?

Never miss an opportunity to make a bunch of grieving church goers feel look like ignorant, superstitious fools for going to church.

Somebody, please, take Neil deGrasse Tyson to church and help him find Jesus.

Meaning of the word winner – Update

Social Justice destroys everything it touches.  This year, it is destroying the Olympics.

According to a BuzzFeed producer:

I think Mr. Rhoades has a different definition of winner than the rest of us.  So does the rest of the media.

Time Magazine said “‘He’s the Winner of the Olympics.’ Adam Rippon Stole Everyone’s Hearts During the Olympics.”

Time also said “How Adam Rippon Found His Voice and Became America’s New Winter Olympics Star.

HuffPo said “Adam Rippon Is Allowing America To Love A (Really) Gay Athlete.”

Thrillist gave us “9 Reasons Adam Rippon is America’s Sweetheart.”

Lastly, Outsports said “Even without gold, Adam Rippon is an Olympic champion.”

To cover the details, Adam Rippon won the bronze as part of the Figure Skating Team Event.  In his individual event, he came in 7th place.

What he did was pick an unnecessary fight with Vice President Mike Pence, insult the Trump White House, put his gayness front and center, and just embarrass America on the international stage with his political whining.

Lets look at some real American Olympic winners.

Chloe Kim won gold in the Half Pipe, with a nearly perfect score, and it was her first Olympics.

Red Gerard took the gold as the youngest men’s snowboarding champion ever, after missing his alarm clock, sleeping in, and having to borrow his roommate’s jacket.  

Shaun White took the gold in an “epic final run” of his event, closing out his Olympic career with a bang.

The problem with our snowboarding team kicking ass?

None of they are gay or crapping on Trump overseas.  Two are *gasp* straight, white males.  Kim is a straight girl, and Korean (but we all know that Asians don’t rank high on the oppression scale).

They went to Pyeongchang and delivered victories.

That’s not what it takes to be an Olympic “winner” or “champion” anymore.  All you have to do is whine about being a victim and go on TV with factually inaccurate #Resistance talking points, and the media will love you for coming in 7th place.


I once again turned to the news, and these were some of the first articles I got hit with.

Gus Kenworthy kissed his boyfriend on TV and melted all the ice at the Olympics.

Gus Kenworthy’s tiny kiss with his boyfriend is sort of a big deal.

Gus Kenworthy Wins Without Making the Podium.

Why is this the news?  Because he failed to win a medal in his event, Freestyle Skiing.

He lost, BUT he kissed a man on live TV.  Kissing a man is not an Olympic sport, as far as I am aware.  So, I’m not sure how to any rational person he is a winner.  To the identity politics/social justice crowd, kissing a man on TV is infinitely more important than actually placing in an event.

Want to know why Olympic viewership is down?  I care more about our athletes who win medals and are proud of the US than those who I am only aware of because they pound butt and hate Trump.