Via Concealed Nation, a video that should be shown to every new shooter:

Squibs are scary as heck. If you are very lucky and have a big hunk of steel as a shooting piece, you will ruin it but that is as far as it will go:

squib 2
That is 8 (eight) rounds inside the barrel. If the gun was a traditional six shooter…

However, if you are not lucky:

squib 3You have pieces of gun flying like shrapnel everywhere. You can do your own image search on that one.

As a reloader, I am well aware that I am at a higher risk for squibs than the average guy buying ammo at the local Wally World.  I take my reloading very seriously and will tolerate no distractions while on the press. That being said, I was not immune and had 2 incidents both at IDPA matches: The first one was so obvious, I stopped immediately, unloaded & proceeded to the safe area where with the proper tools I removed the bullet and returned to the competition.

The second squib that was scary as I did not feel it or hear it. Neither did the Safety Officer or the Score Keeper or anybody in the squad. The only reason that I did not have a magnificent KaBoom! was that the bullet only traveled so far down the barrel as making the full chambering of the next round impossible. When the next round failed to fire, I automatically did a malfunction drill (Tap-Rack) and when that failed, I repeated automatically. It was then when I stopped and we all realized the gun was out of battery but did not know why. The Safety Officer had me unload the gun and we took a quick peek inside the barrel where somebody with better vision noticed the bullet and called the squib.  It looked something similar to this:

squib 1


I left the line and a friend helped me remove the bullet. when it came out, we found out a chunk of what had to be half-burnt propellant attached to the base of the bullet.  Somehow during reloading a drop of some liquid or some other foreign substance had entered the case and altered the properties of the propellant.

That was it for me that day as I lost any confidence in the rest of the ammo. The good thing is I keep my batches to 200 rounds and bagged separately so I only had to reject about a 100 rounds left on that bag. They are now in the To-Be-Recycled can for whenever I feel I need to recover the components. We were very lucky indeed.

Lesson learned.


And the Antis lose it because a school can defend its students.

A group that seldom gets mentioned in this pages:

protest easy guns Texas schools armed teachers

And the post refers to an article in the HuffPo which on first view one can easily deduce where it is going:

protest easy guns Texas schools armed teachers huffpo

“Exponentially more schools have said, ‘Thanks but no thanks, we’d rather not have guns on school property,'” Josh Horwitz, executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, told WSJ. “If you talk to most teachers and educators, their response is, let teachers teach and let law-enforcement officers do their jobs.”

Basically “We cannot have people with guns in a school in case some nutjob comes to kill our students. If something happens what we do is for people with guns to come late to the attack because that makes much more sense.”


NYPD brass to cops: Stop using Kahr K-9 semi-automatic pistol as an off-duty gun  – NY Daily News

Via Student of the Gun.

The NYPD has instructed cops to stop carrying an off-duty gun that has a trigger so light it’s been blamed for a series of accidental discharges, the Daily News has learned.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne says the Kahr K-9 semi-automatic pistol has led to more than a dozen such shootings — none resulting in a fatality. The shootings have occurred over the last few years, a source said.

via NYPD brass to cops: Stop using Kahr K-9 semi-automatic pistol as an off-duty gun  – NY Daily News.

So how light is the trigger pull in the K-9? Less than the 5.5 Lbs from a standard Glock 17? Maybe a 4.5 to 5 Lbs tuned 1911? Maybe Rob Leatham’s 1.5 Lbs for his competition guns?

Nope. NYPD thinks a 7.5 pounds trigger pull is too light. I am not kidding you.

Then again, the NYPD issue Glock’s trigger is a hefty 12 Lbs. That is more than double of the standard Glock and imposed by the ambulance chasers and bean counters of NYC to allegedly avoid negligent discharges.

As somebody once put it less than poetically:” Boomstick does not go bang unless you are finger f***ing the trigger.” My take is what we are seeing here is negligent training in the NYPD who rather than re-train its officers in the four basic rules of Gun Safety, (which would put a huge dent in the budget) went the way of “let’s make this thing really hard to pull and maybe we won’t be sued for much.” What they ended up with is a bunch of people who rely on the heavy trigger pull  and keeping the finger on the trigger instead of proper finger discipline (outside the trigger guard.) And when dealing with a weapon with half the trigger pull, they suddenly end up with a round going where it was not supposed to go.  God forbid if they ever touch a competition gun as they may spread lead faster than a Dillon mini-gun.

When we all began out journey in the world of shooting, we went through the phase of “Nifty gear makes better shooter” but we  outgrew fast when we realized that it is only through good and constant practice that we become good and safe shooters.  And yes, there is a place for accessories and stuff, but never as substitute for safety that can only be achieved by brain power.


“The Kalashnikovs of The Ukrainian Civil War. “

An amazing collection of AK being used in the Ukraine right now.

It includes some other weapons dating back to WWII and off some not seen outside Russian parades or technical websites. I am sure you will be amazed at some of the accessories installed in the rifles and how they were installed. No Brownells or Midway in Kiev I am guessing.

And of course, there has to be one picture that says “bad ass” through and through:

beard ak

CSGV & Media Matters do hate self defense during disasters.

CSGV Algiers Point


Our friends at the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence refer us to this hit piece by Media Matters on the Algiers Point neighborhood coming together for self-defense after Hurricane Katrina.

Algiers Point was lucky not to suffer the floods, but not because it was a “white enclave” as they were called but because the area is high enough to be above flood waters. Decades ago Algiers Point was mostly very old houses run down and not necessarily the best of neighborhoods until some entrepreneurial contractors bought a house there and decided to bring it back to old New Orleans grandeur. These people were not high rollers in the real state market but more like your Angie’s List type of local contractors who after finishing their house, got contracted by neighbors to do their houses and so on. If I recall correctly, it took over a decade to make the area a pride to live in and the previously run-down houses were now valuable and in some cases historical.

After Katrina, those who stayed behind in Algiers Point were suddenly confronted by individuals looting the area. One of the original contractors that worked on his house was attacked and his working van stolen. Houses were shot at night by marauders and keeping with was going on around New Orleans, police help was nowhere to be found.

So the neighbors decided to get together and defend their lives and property and with success. They armed themselves (many with borrowed weapons), barricaded key streets and watched over each other with great success as they repelled attacks from at the ends were bands of looters. The story got out after things got better and in a moment of comedy, they decided to call themselves the Algiers Point Militia, a name that inflamed the politically butt-hurt and made them immediate targets of investigation.

The best written story of the Algiers Point events can be found in the book “The Great New Orleans Gun Grab” by Gordon Hutchinson and Todd Masson which I have mentioned before and if you have not bought it, you should, now.

Still, it is moronic for CSGV to badmouth people defending themselves after what happened immediately a Post-Katrina New Orleans. Then again I doubt any of the CSGV honchos were living at the time there or gave a crap about what was going on other than the photos of Sean Penn with a shotgun in his hand “rescuing” survivors.