An uncomfortable question.

I am sure that many a gun owner that Carries Concealed (or Open) has taken the time to analyze and come up with a strategy dealing with a situation like the one with the Miami Zombie. To say that we will face a case just-like-that would be pushing it but, what if we face somebody who is so whacked out in drugs that he will simply not feel pain, will not behave rational and has no problem having you for lunch? Shots to the pelvic area to stop an advancing critter like that are first option or shots to the brain housing assembly to disrupt the main control system. As nasty as the story is, it is now in our filing system under “This kind of thing happens, don’t freak out, respond appropriately.”

Next I went to the next mental inquiry: What would I do if I am not the intended victim, none of my loved ones are the intended victim and I am a passerby? How would I tackle the situation? This is a well defined case as no normal & innocent people go eating other people’s faces. There is a well defined bad guy in need of stopping as any reasonable person would agree.

Or would they?

An image popped into my mind: Rev. Al Sharpton on TV demanding justice for the poor face-eating bastard. Four months ago, the thought of letting somebody have his face become part of somebody’s diet would not even cross my mind. But after the Martin/Zimmerman media boondoggle and saying to myself “Of course I would intervene!” my brain had a Full Stop/Back The Truck Up moment. Do I want to risk peace of mind, loss of freedom, hard earned monies, Family disrupted and see life as I knew it disappear on the chance some Media Hungry jackass passing himself as a Civil Rights Defender feels that demonizing me is good for his business?


As much as my morals say “Yes asshole, if you see a case so clear in front of you, it is your moral imperative to act and defend a life in jeopardy.” But at the same time I have a family that depends on me and an very elderly mother that might die if subjected to a Martin/Zimmerman media frenzy and that would be on my head too.

I can’t come up with an answer yet. Maybe I’ll never will.

And you may want to give this idea a very deep thought.

On second thought, I am keeping my magazines topped.

Cage fighter ‘ripped out heart of training partner’ – Telegraph.

A US cage fighter ripped out the heart of his training partner while he was still alive after becoming convinced he was possessed by the devil.
Jarrod Wyatt also cut out his friend’s tongue and ripped off most of his face in a brutal assault that police said looked like a scene from a horror film.

They found the 26 year old standing naked over his friend’s body with body parts, including an eyeball, strewn around the blood splattered room.

OK people, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? I hope this is a case of Californians not wanting to be out-weirded by Floridians and not a national trend. Just in case, I am keeping my magazines fully loaded and the guns handy.

Why I do not trust my life to condiments.

Hackensack man stabs self, accused of throwing intestines at police.

Carter was in the corner of the room with a knife in his hand, and he stood up, he yelled at police while stabbing himself all over his body. Officers noticed that his intestines were protruding from a wound in his abdomen, Heinemann said. Carter allegedly threw some of his skin and intestines at officers as they tried to enter the room, Heinemann said.

The officers ordered him to drop the 12-inch kitchen knife, but he didn’t. Carter is accused of swinging the knife at officers, police said. The officers sprayed two cans of pepper spray at the man without any effect.

I have thought back and forth about adding a can of pepper spray to daily carry load. The more I read about it, it does not make a whole lot of sense to do so as a civilian. My first priority if I see some raving lunatic doing something raving is to tuck tail and leave the area. I am not a cop who has the duty to save the maniac’s life (and God Bless them for doing that thankless job) nor I have the inclination of helping somebody who is not open to suggestions.

Somebody the other day mentioned dog attacks, but I am not particularly worried about those. One dog I can handle as I have done it in the past and more than that is enough to use deadly force if I can’t avoid the issue. The use of pepper spray on an unarmed person can be construed as assault by an eager prosecutor and I don’t feel like testing the law and my depleted bank account proving him/her wrong.

One thing I have used with effectiveness at night is a good tactical light. Being blinded damps the initiative on most situations and allows you to either run away or call for reinforcements. My particular record was three “Urban Hoboes”  (homeless) who were not happy when I told them that the location where I worked was a public place for them to spend the night. They got quite pissy and tried to surround me but accurate doses of a Surefire 6P (Original flavor, 60 lumens) to their eyes left them blinded enough for me to “tactically withdraw” and call for back up. When the cops arrived, they were still complaining of seeing spots but could not show injury since none was given.

I still own the same surefire but now upgraded to 200 lumens with a Cree LED upgrade.And Lord! It shines bright and pretty!


On the Face Eating Zombie: Some thoughts. (Graphic)

We now know that it was not a zombie but a guy named Rudy Eugene. I was told last night by somebody who allegedly knew him from the same neighborhood that Mr Eugene had a problem with drugs and was known to consume Phencyclidine, known by its street names of PCP and Angel Dust.  Police is commenting that it is probable Rudy was under the influence of “Bath Salts” which produce hallucinations, extreme paranoia, and delusions.

The same somebody at work who passed the drug info on Rudy Eugene, complained loudly that the first officer on the scene “did not have to shoot him four times.” When I asked what would have been the right amount of shots required to stop a drug-crazed individual who was ripping off the flesh of a fellow human being (according to what I just heard on the news, a 60 year old homeless guy) he refused to answer. The complainer does belong to the “Fuck Da Police” school of very small thoughts, so probably one shot may have been to many unless he was the one being served as facial tartar entree to Rudy Eugene.

It took four shots to stop Eugene: one initial and then three more when he refused to cease and desist from his attack. I am actually surprised that only took four shots so probably at least one must have been placed to the brain pan. I doubt that the regular pain receptors were working properly for the perpetrator to feel the impact other bullets but whatever happened, proper congratulations do go to the officer for stopping the attack and giving the elderly homeless a chance to live.

And in case you haven’t noticed, bogey men exist, zombies do indeed exists, assorted monsters with mindless determination to kill exists. They are not sexy, they do not sparkle and there is no sexy brunette or redhead dressed in tight fitting clothing coming to rescue you with cool looking guns. There are just ugly humans that thanks to misguided chemistry become almost unstoppable in their wish to kill something and you better figure out how to either get the hell out or where to place the rounds for a total reset of their system.

Arrested for ‘gay horse’ jibe

Arrested for ‘gay horse’ jibe

The English student asked one officer if his horse was gay and, despite police warnings, continued to make comments about the animal’s sexuality.

He was handcuffed, taken to a nearby police station and freed the following day.

Seriously? Was the guy hurting the repressed feelings of the horse? Was the horse planning to come out of the stable and now he won’t? Will the student be mandated to take horse sensitivity training?