CSGV: ZOMG a Glock Raffle in Arizona! (Part 2)

The raffle went very well. So much so they had another gun raffled also.

CSGV is not happy because Ladd actually broke his usual weekend rest and posted the link to the article in the Arizona Daily Star where the author bemoans the poor taste of Arizonans trying to get not a gun but two for cheap and after U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot eight months ago. Apparently nobody else in Pima County has been shot ever since if we go by what the Antis are saying.

The comment section was a give and take between the two usual factions with the race card thrown at the earliest possible. But the best of the best of comments was the following response to a race baiter and quite appropriate:

Made of 100% USDA approved WIN!

On expectations about Fast & Furious.

Those licking their chomps about Fast & Furious, may I remind you that a lot more Americans died in two other ATF-led operations: Ruby Ridge and Waco. No one Federal agent, supervisor or administrator served one second of prison time and nothing happened to ATF.

At best what we can get out of Fast & Furious is enough negative votes to make sure this administration does not get re-elected. Maybe then we can revisit ATF and do a serious clean up.

Mike, maybe it is you.

I just caught this over Brady’s Facebook:

Clifton McCree and Mark Barton were both spree killers, one in Florida and the other in Georgia and apparently Mike Summit worked in both locations. According to his LinkedIn & Facebook profile, Mike now lives & works in San Diego and I am not planning on dropping by anytime soon just in case.

Dude is seriously jinxed.

Still a kid at heart, I blame them TV shows.

I’ve been watching an old Sci Fi show from 1970 called UFO which I was an absolutely and dedicated fan of. One thing led to another and the Missus and I ended up going through memory lane revisiting TV shows from the 60s that we liked. I realized that some items that I wouldn’t mind owning can be tracked to those damn TV shows.

The Man From Uncle Pistol Carbine was a modified & modular Walther P-38. Mr. Solo would carry it in its shortened version but when a longer shot was needed, he would produce the stock, extended barre, High Cap mag and scope out of thin air and assemble it.

McHale’s Navy is the only thing that would make me get in the ocean but only in a PT Boat. And of course, it has to be fully armed.

Daktari’s Land Rover seemd to be able to deal with any terrain in any condition. It got me interested in Off-Roading which I did for many years and until my back complained. But I still want one.

I did mention I did Off Road and here is the other culprit: Rat Patrol. A fully desert-decked WWII Jeep is in the eternal wish list.  Also I have a spot reserved for the Kubelwagen but only if it follows the original Afrika Korps specs.

OK, so I am old…. but not too much 🙂