Hoplophobic Broad 20 questions Meme.

And we now have the Hoplophobic Broad 20 questions Meme. I got this from The Ultimate Answer To Kings. Let’s be nice, answer her questions and post the link of your answers in her blog.

  1. Do you believe that criminals and domestic abusers should be able to buy guns without background checks?
  2. I thought it was forbidden! Are you telling me that all those laws in the books are failing miserably?

  3. What is your proposal for keeping guns away from criminals, domestic abusers, terrorists and dangerously mentally ill people?
  4. First, we locate them, then we make them wear special labels in their clothing so they are easy to identify. I would say a yellow star, pink triangle or something like that.

  5. Do you believe that a background check infringes on your constitutional right to “keep and bear arms”?
  6. Yes. What other Constitutional right do you know requires a background check to exercise?

  7. Do you believe that I and people with whom I work intend to ban your guns?
  8. Yes.

  9. If yes to #4, how do you think that could happen ( I mean the physical action)?
  10. Could happen? How about it happened already. Gun Grab in New Orleans after Katrina rings a bell?

  11. What do you think are the “second amendment remedies” that the tea party GOP candidate for Senate in Nevada( Sharron Angle) has proposed?
  12. No idea, I concentrate in Florida candidates.

  13. Do you believe in the notion that if you don’t like what someone is doing or saying, second amendment remedies should be applied?
  14. Do those remedies work as good as Advil?

  15. Do you believe it is O.K. to call people with whom you disagree liars and demeaning names?
  16. If they are lying, of course!

  17. If yes to #8, would you do it in a public place to the person’s face?
  18. Are they less of a liar in public?

  19. Do you believe that any gun law will take away your constitutional rights?
  20. Anybody asking this question makes me suspicious. What do you have in mind?

  21. Do you believe in current gun laws? Do you think they are being enforced? If not, explain.
  22. You keep saying “believe” as substitute for opinion. Why is that?

  23. Do you believe that all law-abiding citizens are careful with their guns and would never shoot anybody?
  24. Yes they are careful and I hope if they use their firearm against a criminal, they do it to defend innocent lives, yours included.

  25. Do you believe that people who commit suicide with a gun should be included in the gun statistics?
  26. No.

  27. Do you believe that accidental gun deaths should “count” in the total numbers?
  28. Yes.

  29. Do you believe that sometimes guns, in careless use or an accident, can shoot a bullet without the owner or holder of the gun pulling the trigger?
  30. Not since the 60’s. Firearm designs have come a long way in the last 50 years. And if you are trying to bring about the “Guns are unsafe, they should be tightly regulated” scheme, the State of California is not helping you much with their “Drop Test.” So far all the guns they have checked for “safety” have passed with flying colors.

  31. Do you believe that 30,000 gun deaths a year is too many?
  32. Including the suicides in the number, aren’t you? Sneaky…..

  33. How will you help to prevent more shootings in this country?
  34. By making sure criminals realize that violence begets violence.That means I will encourage people to defend themselves by any means including a firearm.

  35. Do you believe the articles that I have posted about actual shootings or do you think I am making them up or that human interest stories about events that have happened should not count when I blog about gun injuries and deaths?
  36. I don’t know, are you posting fake articles? If so, Why would you? If you believe in the righteousness of you cause, you shouldn’t be lying…. or changing the story to give it a specific connotation that favors your point of view.

  37. There has been some discussion of the role of the ATF here. Do you believe the ATF wants your guns and wants to harass you personally? If so, provide examples ( some have written a few that need to be further examined).
  38. Unfortunately the ATF is not only disliked by Law Abiding Gun Owners but by most other Federal Law Law Enforcement Agents. It needs to either be discarded and its function taken over by the FBI or disposed of altogether. You cannot have confidence in an agency that makes & changes rules as they please but actually were deluded enough to classify shoelaces, paper clips and crazy glue as parts to make a machine gun.

  39. Will you continue a reasonable discussion towards an end that might lead somewhere or is this an exercise in futility?
  40. The end is simple: Stop screwing around with the Constitution. No other right has been so assailed as the Second Amendment. The worst criminal out there is presumed innocent and will be given all the benefits of the law but a gun owner that defends his or her life is immediately branded as gunslinger or vigilante. Your people will literally shit in their pants if when going to a store, a full background check is demanded to buy a computer, a notebook or carded to see if is old enough to buy a pencil. And please do not say that a computer is less dangerous than a gun. Michael Isikoff in 2005 wrote an unsubstantiated report about guards at Guantanamo flushing the Koran down the toilet in front of the peace-loving-falsely-detained-imported inhabitants of the camp. After publishing the story, riots broke out in Pakistan and between 15 to 30 people died (Numbers vary according to sources) and yet nobody said anything bad about Newsweek or Isikoff. Other than Newsweek offering an “Ooops, My Bad!” apology no action was taken. Any other individual grabs a gun and kills 15 people would make the news and people like you would demand that he be sent to jail for the rest of his natural life. Mr. Isikoff however is walking free and nobody in your camp is even bothered by the fact.

Your Gun: Check and check again and then check it once more.

A Missouri police officer was killed during training because another officer apparently confused the standard issued sidearm with one loaded with Simunitions.

The department says that Simunition, a non-lethal plastic projectile, requires a specially-modified gun, but De Kraai and Strong were reissued their regular weapons when they briefly left the training session to get a drink from a nearby convenience store. When they returned, authorities say that Strong, apparently not realizing that he was still carrying a weapon with live ammunition, fired the deadly shot into De Kraai’s back.

At any time your gun leaves both your field of vision and actual physical possession, you must make sure to check it before doing anything else with it. And, goes without saying that any firearm’s horseplaying should not be allowed by anybody to anybody.

Lesson learned the deadly way.

And you are not making any money because…?

You know a newspaper is on its way down the drain of irrelevancy when uses Wikipedia for source material.

This was just posted at the Miami Herald Website.

PS: Kudos to Colombia for forcefully retiring the head of FARC and one of the greatest terrorist in South America. They used over 500 soldiers and some 60 aircraft to make sure the sucker did not make it out of his camp. Overkill works.

Spanish man drinks in bar with murdered girlfriend’s head in a bag

Sounds movie creepy, but it happened. The worst part is that I am not amazed that it happened at all. The d intellectually enlightened and advanced legislatures and judiciary of Spain are conformed by a bunch of left wing morons that are causing death by the bushel in the country of my forefathers. There is an epidemic of spousal deaths (men against women) that would shock the crap out of NOW and other yak-hairy Female groups in the USA and there is no end in sight.

Mind you, the Spanish Libs emphatically denounce the killings, but they clash with their own politics when it is time to inflict the proper penalty to the murderers. The average sentence served for a wife killer is around 2-3 years in Spain. Yep, and no hard time either. You see, for the Spanish Law, all Domestic Murders are pretty much a crime of passion and since the cause of that passion (the wife/girlfriend/significant other) is no longer present, the probability that the man would kill again is nil so the State shouldn’t have to impose a draconian punishment.

The judicial system is so perverted and idiotic that defies all logic. About 5 years ago there was a case where a wife asked to divorce his highly abusive husband. She had very well documented trips to the local hospital to repair the damage cause by her husband, plus plenty of police records documenting the actions of such animal and even the children of the couple, all adults testified in court about the abusive nature of the father. The judge not only denied the divorce but ordered the wife to live with the husband as of “to give him one more chance” or face of contempt of court. As soon as the couple returned home and were alone, the husband proceeded to beat the daylights out of the wife, take her out to the front of the lawn, tie her to a chair, pour gasoline all over and set her on fire. She died and the husband was arrested for murder. After the trial and during the sentencing phase, the judge applied the “crime of passion” BS and sentenced the guy to two years over the heated objections and pleas of the sons and daughters. And yes, the animal is out there living his life at the fullest with the blessings of the Spanish Crown.

And forget about self defense. In another case, a mother and her baby sought refuge from an abusive husband by fleeing to her grandfather’s house two towns away. Enraged husband tracked her down and at the wee hours of the night started bashing at the front door armed with a butcher knife. Grandpa got himself his old hunting double barrel shotgun and warned the husband to leave because he had called the cops and he was armed. Enraged hubby kept kicking the door and just before he was able to break in, Grandpa let him have it with both barrels and killed him.  Would you care to guess where grandpa ended up? Yep, serving time in prison for murder. The judge in the case eventually moved to another district in another province because the town had made no bones about exacting true justice on his ass. Grandpa was eventually placed on parole due to his advanced age, but the stupidity is still maddening.

And some judges think we should look at European laws to apply here?