That Clint Eastwood Moment in Real Life.

What would really happen in real life after the words “Get off my lawn.” were uttered?

Had threatened teens earlier with an assault rifle.

(Highland Park)

A Korean veteran that threatened a group of teens with an M1 assault rifle for stepping on his front lawn, was shot and killed by Highland Park SWAT team when he refused to put down the weapon. Walt Kowalski (81) was known in the racially mixed neighborhood as a irascible man who would not associate with others. According to neighbors, he would usually use epithets against the mostly H’Mong population in his street. “Badgers,” “Spooks,” “Zipperheads” were common expression Kowalski used against Asian Americans according to Sue Lor, a neighbor.

According to the police report, the night before the confrontation with police, a group of local kids were horse playing next door when two of them accidentaly landed on Kowalski’s front lawn. Witnesses say that Kowalski came out of the house aiming his rifle to the teens and demanding that they leave or that he “blow a hole in your face and then I go in the house and I sleep like a baby.”

The teens ran away afraid for their lives and called 911. One of the teens filmed the event on his cell phone and turned it to the authorities. Due to the possible danger, police decided to use the SWAT team to arrest Kowalski. The neighborhood was evacuated and the SWAT team executed a no-knock warrant on Kowalski’s home which ended up with the shooting that took his life.

Cell phone image of Kowalski threatening H'Mong teens with his assault rifle.

Local priest Father Janovich commented that Kowalski had been angry, depressed and despondent after the death of his wife some months earlier. “I guess her death affected him more than we could imagine. He was irascible and abusive with everybody even calling me a ‘over-educated, 27-year-old virgin who held the hand of superstitious old women and promised them eternity.’ There is no doubt he had problems.”


CSGV: Off with their parental heads!

The latest CSGV meme is about kids and guns:

I have bad news for this lot: many states already have some sort of law regarding the improper storage of a firearm, allowing kids access to guns without a supervision and adults can even be charged with reckless endangerment or similar crimes for the death of a child.We had this discussion before and that is why the laws are in the books right now but there is a reason why they are seldom applied: It is political suicide.

You are a cop and get a call of shots fired in a house. You arrive and find out that the 4 year old boy managed to get his hands on an improperly stored gun and shot himself to death accidentally. Parents are going crazy with anguish, probably wailing and crying watching the lifeless body of what used to be their most precious possession. And while witnessing all this pain, Are you gonna put the handcuff the parents, throw them in the back of a patrol car and take them to jail? I don’t know a cop yet that is that frigging heartless.

Now imagine that the D.A. gets his undies in a knot and orders the parents to be arrested, the community backlash is gonna be so big he can pretty much start boxing his office belongings because he is on his way out of the job. Even the most liberal newspaper will ask for his head on a pike before the day is over. After that, the law is pretty much useless because it cannot be enforced equally.

The solution is simple: true firearms education. I know the Antis hate it, but the Eddie Eagle program has been a success since its inception. Anti Gun politics hate Eddie Eagle so bad they started a campaign in the late 1990s that bashed it and compared it with the now infamous Joe Camel cartoon. The most ridiculous day of this campaign was when in one issue of the Miami Herald, they had a front page article almost lynching Eddie Eagle, but also another article of a girl that found a gun in a communal backyard, had all the friends leave the area and called the police and adults to come secure the gun, sounds familiar?. Somehow that little contradiction was not caught by the editors and many of us had to laugh at the “negligent discharge” that the paper had on its front page. I called the Herald asking if the girl had gone through the Eddie Eagle program since what she did sounded remarkably similar, but I could not get a straight answer. 25 million kids have received the classes, learned that guns are not toys and know what to do when finding a gun

So CSGV, you want a law? OK, simple: Make it a Federal Law that no dumb politician interferes with the Eddie Eagle program. We won’t even ask for Federal Funds, we the NRA Members will pay for it, but get the Anti Gunners out of the way and let us do the righteous job.




New TV Show: Missing.

Two words: Ashley Judd. Not enough? OK, She is an Ex-CIA operative who for the past 10 years has been a regular Mom, joined the PTA and helped with the scouts. Her son goes to Europe and gets kidnapped, Momma Bear instincts come to play and death follows.

It is Popcorn & Soda TV for sure but, who cares? It is Ashley Judd kicking ass (great fight scenes. They will give you bruises by just watching) and who will stop at nothing to get her son back. I already read some critics bemoaning the lack of pathos or introspection from the character and assorted other feel-good-New-Age bull. Regular moms do not go all sensitive support group type when their children are in danger, they get nasty, mean and will tear you to pieces.

But the show has great obstacles. It will run against American Idol, Community and 30 Rock plus Basketball games. If it attracts enough Non-BBall fans who cannot tolerate smarmy comedies, maybe it will be moved to a better time slot.  At least we have 10 episodes to watch if they do not cancel it before its due.

Did I mention it has Ashley Judd in it?

Illinois Concealed Weapons Law Introduced.

The Family and Personal Protection Act is one long sucker and with some overbearing requirements. From what I read (and I am not a lawyer) it is trying to mix Shall Issue with May Issue but favoring Shall Issue strongly. Illinois Resident will need a FOID card to get their permits, it makes the data obtained private, It requires a minimum of four hours of training by a certified firearms instructor (NRA Instructor heavily mentioned which should make Antis go crazy) and a whole lot of other stuff.

I think the complexity of this bill is to simply calm down the worries of the Chicago Gang and other nannies afraid of “Wild West Shootouts” and “Blood On The Streets.”  Still not a bad compromise and if history is any indicator, if it ever becomes the law, it will be modified within 5 years in favor of Gun Owners.

If you have 10 to 15 minutes, you can read the text of the bill and if you feel like it, leave your opinions in the comments section.

Let’s hope it becomes law, warts and all.