Dear Broward County, never change.

A South Florida county is halting the use of 3-D printers at public libraries amid concerns they could be used to make guns or other dangerous weapons.
Broward County libraries made the decision Monday a week after a man was shot outside a downtown Fort Lauderdale library. The Sun Sentinel reports the printers have been in use at Broward libraries for about four years, but visitors could not use the printers on their own. They had to submit their request and the staff would do the actual printing.
The decision also comes amid concerns that instructions to print 3-D guns will be made available online. Broward County is also home to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where a gunman killed 17 in February igniting a national debate on gun safety.

Broward County Libraries Halt Use of 3-D Printers Amid Concerns Over Printing Guns

Let me get this: A man was shot OUTSIDE a library in the county, nobody know what kind of gun was it and the geniuses of the library system shut down the use of the 3D printers so they don’t get used to print a gun that only takes like 19 hours to produce?

How about focusing on what may really have contributed to the shooting outside the library? From the link just above:

Authorities said two men got into a fight at a homeless camp outside the library, at which time one of the men pulled out a gun and shot the other.

Yes, that is the entrance of Broward County’s Main Library.


Nah, that can’t be.

And don’t forget! for your 3D gun needs.

I’m starting to side with Cocks Not Glocks

I’ve been doing more competitive shooting lately.

Mostly USPSA and some carbine matches.

I shoot Single Stack major in 45 ACP and I’m getting into Limited 10 major, which is the same gun but with 10 round mags.  I shoot 45 ACP, since my gun was built for IDPA CDP.

For a rifle, I shoot a 20 inch AR15A2 HBAR.

All iron sights on everything.

I see these guys come out with guns with multi port compensators and magnified optics with ballistics drop reticles with offset red dots all zeroed at different ranges.

To me, all that is like having a nightstand full of vibrators.  All it says is “I can’t perform satisfactorily without a whole bunch of extra toys.”



Bowling for Columbine 2

Michael Moore had actually done it, he as made a quasi-sequel to the mendacious, perfidious shit-show that was Bowling for Columbine.

This time he’s calling it Fahrenheit 11/9 because only an insane person would equate the election of a president to the worst terrorist attack in US history.

The Parkland kids are center stage in it.

David Hogg, Parkland students featured in new Michael Moore documentary ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’

Wow.  If the trailer is that bad, I can only imagine how bad the movie will be.

Being featured in it is only going to inflate Hogg’s ego to even bigger and more ignorant proportions.  Of course nobody in the BSO is going to catch flack, but this will be a redo of Bowling for Columbine.

The rest of the movie looks like shit too.

Antifa is smashing everything, the Left have turned the cities they run unchecked into open air sewers filled with overdosing homeless and war zones, but he’s got to show a neo-Nazi rally like those are an every day occurrence.

Venezuela is suffering inflation like Wiemar Germany and people are eating roadkill.  The welfare state of Europe is collapsing, Greece went bankrupt.  US unemployment is bottoming out.  But Ocasio-Cortez is his hero.

Entrenched bureaucrats in Flint and Detroit, as well as at the state level mishandled everything about Flint’s municipal water source, but the Republican governor is at fault because blaming local Democrats is not possible (call this the Sheriff Israel effect:  whenever democrats bumble-fuck something, it’s always the fault of the highest ranked Republican).

The Parkland kids are never going to go away after this.  Hogg and his sister said that they are not doing this for the money, but you can bet your sweet patootie that they are.  They are from the generation where you get fame and fortune wherever you can.  If you can get a TV show from your Twitter feed or a YouTube video you do it, because content is less important than fame.  Ignorant, self-righteous, anger and victim status is enough for him to be famous and so he’s going to do it.  They are the Kardashians of gun control.

If Michael Moore can still make movies that go in theaters, no matter how provably wrong he is, his featuring of these kids will be enough for them to carry this on for ever.


This is how you know it’s nothing but politics

This Tweet.  This Tweet right here.

This blog has systematically documented failure after failure of the Broward Country Sheriffs office and Broward County school board.

The Sun Sentinel deserves a Pulitzer for uncovering everything they have about just how bad the Promise Program was, the failures of the school to properly handle Cruz, the failures of the Sheriffs Department to deal with Cruz and his family, the failure of Children and Family Services, the failure of the BSO on the day of the shooting.  Everything.

And who does Fred Guttenberg blame most of all?  Dana Loesch and the NRA.

The only way my rational brain can make sense of this situation is that Guttenberg is a die-hard Democrat who cannot fathom that other Democrats who had their pictures taken of them shaking hands with Hillary Clinton could be so bad at their jobs and fail so miserably an allow his child to get killed.  Democrats are the good guys, how could they let this happen?

So he has to find someone else to blame and he zeroes in on a political enemy.

If the BSO had at any time arrested Cruz for one of the myriad of reasons they came to his house, he could have been convicted and made a prohibited person.  But they didn’t and so Cruz was able to buy a gun.

“I’ve made the occasional Tweet about how the Sheriff I voted for created a culture in the department that directly lead to my child’s death, but the person with the most blood on their hands are law abiding guns owners who are part of an organization that had nothing to do with this shooting, but I’ve disagreed with for years.”

This has nothing what so ever to do with school safety and everything to do with politics.

Florida Politics: Parking Lot Shooter has been charged with Manslaughter. (Zimmerman Trial 2.0)

The Pinellas County State Attorney Bernie McCabe should remember that the last prosecutor that pulled a political move in a self-defense case, lost her bid for re-election badly. But probably the idea is to make noise against Stand Your Ground (which does not apply here)  and bankrupt the defendant.