It’s interesting that Miguel wrote a post about abortion this morning.  I was discussing the very same issue – the new New York abortion law and the Virginia abortion bill – with my wife this morning.

Miguel hasn’t touched on abortion before, I’ve poked at it just a tiny bit.

In the last few months, a lot of things have happened that have put me in a place where I want to touch on them all at once.

If I were to describe my position on abortion, I would call it “begrudgingly pro-choice.”  Killing an unborn child in the womb is a terrible thing.  There are times, however, it might not be the most terrible outcome of the situation.

Imagine a woman with with two kids, who shows signs of pre-eclampsia in her third pregnancy.  Does she have and abortion and live to take care of her two kids, or does she chose to have the baby and risk leaving three kids without a mom.  I don’t know how to answer that, but what I do know is when a family is faced with making that choice, they shouldn’t have to deal with a goverment bureaucrat as part of their decision making process.

I agree with the Liberal position of the 90’s, where abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.”  I’m trying to balance prudence with belief.

The problem is that when some Democrat goes on TV and talks about abortion to save the life of the mother or in cases of rape or incest, they are bullshitting the people about abortion the same way they are bullshitting people about immigration, when they talk about hard working legal immigrants but their laws provide sanctuary for MS-13 and drug dealers.

I’ve never seen a mainstream conservative say that a woman shouldn’t be able to have an abortion if she has been raped or if she will die carrying the child to term.  The debate is always over abortions of convenience.

The most unbiased source of information I can find for abortion data is from the Guttmacher Institute.  The facts are the facts.  The data shows that rape and incest makes up less than 1% of abortions.  Saving the life of the mother or terminating an nonviable fetus is another 7% of abortions.  The most common reasons, 75% of total abortions are either the mother cannot afford the child or is not ready/does not want the responsibility of having a child.

While I can empathize for a mother in such a condition, that still means that the vast majority of abortions are abortions of convenience.

So the Democrat saying the they need to pass this law to save the life of the mother is using 3% of abortions to justify the other three-quarters of all abortions.

So why are they doing this?  Why are they fighting tooth and nail to make killing an unborn child in the ninth month of gestation because the woman is having second thoughts about being a mother?

I think this is one of the end results of, not to sound too Biblical about it, but the worship of mammon.  Or in other words, selfish, soulless consumerism.

I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve seen in the vein of the assortment like You Can Save Half a Million Dollars if You Don’t Have KidsNot Having Kids Is A Savvy Way To Save For Retirement, and 5 Scientifically Proven Reasons Not Having Kids Is A Great Idea.

All of them come down to the basics of having more disposable income and relaxation time.

It is a culture that disrespects family, children, and the traditional role of mothers and fathers.

And it is destroying society in a number of ways.

Alcohol use and abuse by young women is up and climbing.

Marriage rates are going down.

Suicide is going up for both sexes, but more significantly for men.

More and more young men are turning to video games and porn, giving way to incels.

For my entire life, the message I have seen directed at girls and women is for them to pursue careers.  They should want to be CEO, Chairwoman of the Board, Director of Operations, or Senior Managing Partner.  They should want to afford the luxury condo in Manhattan with a closet full of Jimmy Choo shoes.  They should want to be Carrie from Sex and The City.  A liberated, powerful woman.

I want to make this point perfectly clear.  I have nothing against women working.  My wife works.  Almost my friends wives work.  I don’t want to be accused of believing that women should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

The point that I am getting at is: is to good for the mental health for women, by and large, to focus on career over family?  Does that make them happier?

I cannot tell you how many videos or articles I’ve seen from older feminists bemoaning the fact that in their golden years, they go home to nothing but an empty apartment and maybe a cat.

I may not agree with her on a lot but Camille Paglia has been beating this drum hard.

What is the other side of this coin?  Incels and man-babies.

Humans need purpose in life.  The Protestant work ethic is real.  People attain dignity through work.  It’s why we cherish a hard win and don’t care about an easy one.

For a few hundred thousand years of modern humanity, the purpose of a man was provider and protester.  He rand down the gazelle, killed it with a spear, fought off the hyenas that came to take it, fed his children with the meat, then stood vigil with that spear to keep the lions away at night.

It’s why non SJW types revere a picture of men, filthy from mining coal, having a beer.  Because we respect the motivation that sends a man down into a mine to risk his life to feed his children.

The boy raised along side the girls who were told to go and be CEO, were told they were not needed.  “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” was the feminist quote.

So if you, as a boy, are told that a woman doesn’t need you.  She’s going to be a career woman and she doesn’t need you to bring home the bacon, she can do that herself, and raise a kid by herself if she wants, because she’s a super woman.

Without the purpose of being a husband and father, a breadwinner and protector, these boys give up.  Why get a good job with a good income if it’s not going to make you an attractive mate?  Isn’t it just easier to sit at home and anesthetize your empty existence with beer, video games, and internet porn?

And that it what we have right now.

Women who have been told that a closet full of Jimmy Choos and every night out with the girls is more soul satisfying than a closet full of Playskool and movie night on the couch with hubby and the kids.

Men who have been told that they are redundant, unwanted, and useless.

And both are miserable, two people filing the hole in their souls with the Costco size box of Franzia or Hentai.

And why If this being pushed more and more, even though every indication is the it is making America a more unhappy place?

I thing it’s as simple as misery loves company.

The is at the core of Leftism.  Socialism doens’t build the poor up, it forces everyone into a tiny, concrete box apartment, cold and hungry.   Social Justice doesn’t help minorities, it only makes white people feel guilty about their privilege.

So miserable Leftist keep pushing something they know deep down inside makes people miserable because they need to feel like they are justified in their misery.

If they can convince some young woman to murder her unborn child once her feet start to swell so she can still fit into her Jimmy Choos and go out for appletinis with the girls, they have added a little bit more misery to the world and they feel just a tiny bit better about their own unhappy existence.

This, or at least half of this, is the reason why Jordan Peterson has exploded in popularity.  He has done a lot for men, but really his lesson is easily applicable to both sexes.

Ladies, Men,

Having a job you like and pays well is satisfying.  I highly recommend finding work that gives you the quality of life you want and is satisfying to do.

But success in a career or making a lot of money is a relatively new concept.  As a human being, you have evolved to mate and breed and raise children and propagate the species.

Deep down there is no promotion at work that feels better than seeing your newborn for the first time.  There is no client meeting that feels as good as coming home to kids who throw their arms around your legs and say “mommy/daddy play with me.”

Husbands and wives as partners raising a family, a provider and protector, a nurturer and a care giver, that has been the basis of successful civilizations for thousands of years.  A life lived filling an apartment with clothes or reaching the level of Master Wizard on some MMORPG isn’t the basis for anything but existential emptiness and unhappiness.

We, as a society, better shift our culture soon, so that these spreaders of misery are out of positions of authority in education, pop culture, and politics.

If not, the misery will only continue to grow and some day some Democrat will propose a bill that says when a woman has grown tired of missing girls night at the bar because she’s had to stay home with the baby, she can have a “post birth abortion.”

Rant finished.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Infanticide, incels, and the absolutely corrosive culture of the radical Left”
  1. I’ve known 4 women in my life that have had abortions, and all have had multiple abortions, and all of those abortions were because she and her partner were too irresponsible to use birth control. The one girl actually waited a few months into her pregnancy because she couldn’t decide. She wound up aborting. In all likelihood, I doubt she knew who the father was. She always said “condoms are overrated”. I guess abortion must not be, though. It’s the bees’ knees. No, I’m not making this up. I knew a different girl who had 4 abortions. And, as a sign of the times of our fallen world, I kid you not, I saw a meme on Instagram seriously suggesting a girl get pregnant to allow her breasts to grow temporarily, only to abort the child before she gains too much weight.

    This is what progressivism has to offer – murderous, vain, sallow nihilism. It’s a mental illness, I realize that more everyday.

  2. Part of this is due to the American Higher Education scam. Kids are lied to by government school guidance counselors, then go into hock to the government for hundreds of thousands of dollars on degrees they often cannot use in career fields they eventually hate (and often just leave).

    Which means they’re trapped by those debts into working more than they want, which is in itself a disincentive towards families.

  3. The milestone of being the first blogger I read to use the term ‘hentai’ in a post would be a lot more amusing if it wasn’t being applied to such a depressingly serious context. Relatedly, did the gov’t of NYFC *actually* run a bunch of pink lights to celebrate the laws’ passing? Because that is seriously fucked up.

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