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8 thoughts on “Innovative Russian Weapons Design”
  1. I always wanted to build my own pulse jet engine, but know my neighbors would be really pissed at the 180dB blasting away from next door.

  2. If that was supposed to be a kamikaze drone and hit that barrel (?) it seems like it didn’t do what it was supposed to.

    With hardened targets, close doesn’t count.

  3. Well, this is orders of magnitude more accurate than a V-1, at least. The V-1’s “navigation” system was just a gyro and a propeller that counted revolutions — it was VERY imprecise.

  4. If find it hilarious that so many people forget that these have existed since the V-1. It is not like that idea was waiting for modern drones to get invented to pop up again, this thing has also been around for a while:

    and let us not forget the V-1 was only the first “successful” attempt. there was also this thing from WW1:

    I find the media fascination with old ideas under new names annoying. “A drone with a bomb! This is totally new!”. No, this is just the next logical extension of a 100 year old idea based on modern technology. It is mildly interesting from an engineering perspective. The value to capability ratio is even more interesting from a war-gaming perspective, but at the end of the day this capability has been possible for decades. They are just getting around to it now because component cost has made it viable.

    I really, really wish modern journalists would do just a tiny bit of research and include some context with their reporting. Their failure to do so makes society as a whole dumber.

    1. They used to be called “cruise missiles”, and nuclear versions were in the inventory back in the 50’s.
      Extra aviation geek points to those who know what Pluto was.

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