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I first posted this a day ago:

This woman made a larger claim in a (now deleted) Facebook post that the assault of then 15 year old, Dr. Ford was a widely known rumor.

Of course, the details this woman released contradict the WaPo story by Dr. Ford.  Dr. Ford claimed it happened during the summer and she told no one until 2012, and that there were only four people at the party.

This woman’s story suggests it happened during the school year and somehow people knew, even though Dr. Ford admits she kept is a secret.  This means that the other two people at the part must have known and said something.  Why haven’t they, or anybody else at Dr. Ford’s alma mater come forward?

Ms. King Miranda said she would not testify but did give an interview to NPR in which she walked back everything.

She also seems to regret her decision to have to go on TV and explain herself over and over again.

She’s begrudgingly going on TV but won’t go on the record with sworn testimony.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that Dr. Ford is refusing to testify, or is attempting to indefinitely stall testifying, and now her lawyer is refusing to go respond to the Judiciary Committee.

The last piece of the puzzle here is the actions of the Senate Democrats, like that of Mazie Hirono, saying that making Dr. Ford testify is “re-victimizing” her.

This is the same logic that we’ve seen for the last few years on college campuses, where men accused of sexual impropriety are not allowed to defend themselves because that is an attack on women.

Remember that Columbia University destroyed the reputation and future career of a male student because a female student accused him of rape and made herself famous for carrying around a mattress on campus.  Columbia was sued by the male student and had to settle.

Keep in mind that Mattress Girl was the guest of Senator Gillibrand to the State of the Union, and Gillibrand has been at the forefront of condemning and convicting Kavanaugh without Dr. Ford’s sworn testimony.

Pretty much I believe Dr. Ford and Ms. King Miranda are lying.

Maybe something bad happened to Dr. Ford, but not at the hands of Brett Kavanaugh.

These women live deep inside the Progressive, Social Justice, Feminist bubble.  I believe that they though that the new campus rules, the rules of the Left, have become the rules of the nation.  I know the Left thinks is has won the culture war.

I believe that these women though that they could simply drop an accusation and that #BelieveAllWomen meant that they didn’t ever have to prove their accusations.  Mattress Girl became a feminist icon for doing that.

People have set up Go-Fund-Me pages for Dr. Ford for “security and legal fees.”  It has already raised over $100K.  This comes on the heels of other #Resistance heroes getting huge sums of money from anti-Trump idiots on fundraising websites.  If she played her cards right, she could milk this into a sweet #Resistance payday or even a book deal.

They didn’t expect a push back demanding things like evidence and sworn testimony.  That’s the the rules of the game that they know.

Now that things like libel and perjury are real conditions of going forward with this, they are getting cold feet.  This isn’t campus fun and games anymore.  This is real life with real consequences.

Now these women are back peddling or deflecting to try and save face.

I may be wrong on all of this, by my feelings are that these women though they only had to play by SJW rules and could derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation and are shell shocked by GOP holding them to account by the rule of law.


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  1. This whole issue is less about Kavanaugh’s confirmation than it is about giving red state dems cover for the election. If they get enough RINOs to switch great, but this is really all about winning the Senate in November.

  2. Re lying: that’s possible. Another possibility is that they sincerely believe they remember something from long ago, and sincerely believe they have the relevant details correct. That doesn’t mean those beliefs have a connection to reality.
    While the details were very different, the Amirault day care case in MA years ago (a decade or so?) is illustrative. It demonstrates to what extent it’s possible for false “memories” to be brought forward, especially when dishonest evil politicians get involved as was the case there. It was a particularly bad case, it caused several people to end up in jail for years, one died in jail. Eventually things got somewhat corrected, thanks to the multi-year dogged efforts of a WSJ reporter.

    1. True. Memories are not carved in stone. They are malleable and can change easily. Any professional in this area can confirm that. Corroborating evidence can show that false memories can seem solid and real. That’s why forensic evidence in trials is 100 times better than eyewitness testimony. Why has no one brought that up? Well, who’s side on the media on? Same old crap.

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