I paid for those Toyotas, Humvees, and MRAPS with my tax dollars.

Now they’re in the hands of the Taliban.

How about Biden just issue Letters of Marque and let us rednecks get that stuff back.  Anything we capture we can keep.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “Instead of redeploying troops to Afghanistan, just issue Letters of Marque”
    1. Yeah, you guys want Hummers and Mk 19’s? I do not think you would pick a more stoppage prone mix. I am with Old NFO.

  1. In six months, the MRAPs and Hummers will be broken down and half the Toyotas will be parted out to keep the other half running.

  2. In five years we will be smuggling weapons to the Taliban or whoever is sort of, kind of, running part of or most of Afghanistan; so they can fight the Chinese.

    Biggest Mistake? They let the Regular F’ing Army, Navy, and Marines in Country. Should have kept it SOF and local forces only, and then left when Al Qaeda was run out of the country.

    On the way out we should have obliterated the Pakistani ISI HQ.

    1. Why would they fight the Chinese? The Chinese are their allies, as they are Iran’s allies. Neither set of rulers gives a goat’s ass about Islam, that much is clear. It’s just opium for the masses (or perhaps fentanyl for the masses).

      1. Because the Chinese hate muslims. As soon as the Taliban don’t want or need the chinese money in exchange for ressources things can get ugly.

        Iran sold out to the Chinese but given the volatile nature of intermuslim relationships they may have painted a target on their backs with these actions.

        1. Do you think the Taliban care that the CCP hates Muslims? I don’t think they have enough Islamic principles in their hearts to fill a thimble.

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