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45 Percent of Republican Voters Support Storming of Capitol Building: Poll

Almost half of Republicans support the pro-Trump protesters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, putting them at odds with Democrats who largely oppose the actions of the demonstrators, a poll has found.

The survey released by YouGov on Thursday morning found that 45 percent of Republican voters backed the attack on the Capitol building, while 43 percent said they “strongly or somewhat” opposed the protesters’ behavior.

In 2020, Donald Trump received 74,222,958 votes.

If this poll holds true across the board, you can assume roughly 33.4 million Americans have been so pissed off by the anomalies and shenanigans surrounding our election and the way Congress has behaved in the last year that Congress should have its ass kicked.

That’s more than the population of Texas or almost the entire population of California in terms of scale.

Thats 21% of the voting public.

That’s not a genie easily put back into the bottle.

Something is going to shake loose unless we take great steps to rectify it honestly.

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By J. Kb

17 thoughts on “Interesting numbers to consider for the future”
  1. The ones breaking into the Capitol (or were let in) by and large aren’t the ones with guns, or left the guns at home.

    Let that sink in.

    They’ve created an environment were there is no more Madison, Jefferson, Hamilton. There’s Don Corleone.

    I’d be surprised if in 2022 there weren’t some incumbents looking to move on, concentrate on family, blah blah, before the fish in a newspaper shows up.

  2. Lets do some arithmeticking, shall we?

    There were a total of just 74,222,958 votes cast in the last election for Trump? Okaybee

    Lets round down to 74,000,000 to keep things conservative.

    My calculator shows 45% of that to be 33,300,000, Thirty Three Million Three Hundred Thousand.

    Lets go with the old “3%”  Revolutionary War conjecture of Mike Vanderboegh and that gets you just under One Million (999,000) who might be of the age, physical condition and with the intent and resolve to actually be on the pointy end of the stick with millions more in support positions.

    With yesterday’s kinetics, the new administration tries much of anything and there’s a high probability that events can spin off everywhichway imaginable.

    We do live in interesting times.

    1. Consider what the other 32M might do but not pull triggers.

      Supply ammo. Provide intel. Act as safe houses.

      It’s a false binary to think that there would be only 1M revolutionaries. People will contribute in their own way.

      1. Right.
        That’s the ‘tooth to tail” ratio. It can take up to 10 to support 1 ‘up front’.

        It’s “Logistics” baybee

      2. Than consider what 10,000 insurgents did to the US military in Iraq. Then remember that most of those guys who were there and saw those tactics firsthand are among the 1 million.
        Then think about how one middle aged man and a teenage kid (the Beltway sniper) shut down DC. Now multiply that times half a million while remembering that you don’t have to be young or in great shape to duplicate that feat, or even wage virtual mayhem.

    2. That does not matter to democrats. They want the complete and total ban of all gun ownership with the confiscation of all guns and execution of all gun owners. They want the complete and total extermination of all gun owners. They want the complete and total extermination of all Trump voters. And the ultimatley want the complete and total extermination of the entire United States population that opposes or resists them.

      Killing 1 million people for there guns? No. They want to kill every single gun owner. These are democrats. They are socialist. They want to purge the United state population. Of all the groups they want dead the want the Complete and total extermination of every single solitary citizen that voted for Trump, every single solitary citizen that homes firearms, every single solitary citizen that is a Republican, every single solitary citizen that has any conservative values. How many people is that? But it does not matter to a political party that hates the United States, hates the people of the United States and want to kill everyone in the country not them.

  3. The left opened Pandora’s box earlier this year with the free range rioting, that started something that will cause many unforeseen problems, as they are now finding out.

  4. I am not among that 45%. Not at all.

    Storming the Capital was a disaster. It is giving your opponent the tools they need to beat you.

    The left side of the political aisle has the media, lock, stock, and barrel. There is no way to dispute the narrative that is being written about these events. In the minds of the overwhelming majority of people, this was a riot of biblical proportions, because they have no other frame of reference. The riots over the summer were, in their world, mostly peaceful, with a few fights. All the violence was on the part of the police.

    This riot was a mass of violent Trump supporters overwhelming the Capital Police. Some think carrying guns. Most think it was to attack, and potentially kill the Representatives and Senators to keep Trump in power. And, both the news media and social media are pushing that narrative, and actively suppressing anything that says otherwise.

    When people entered the Capital without permission, they gave the left exactly what they needed to consolidate their hold on power for the next few decades.

    1. Yes, unfortunately I think you’re right.
      Much of the reason is that they control the propaganda apparatus. That’s why you’re being told this was the worst invasion of Congress since the war of 1812 — rather than the accurate answer that it’s the worst since 2018 when the other side did this to the Kavanaugh hearings. And in that one, senior elected politicians provided at least as explicit support for the attack as they did this time, arguably a lot more so. (The elected politician in question? Kamala Harris.)

    2. They hate us anyway and have already vilified, denigrated and accused us of skullduggery, mopery and dopery in high dudgeon for years, so why should we care what they call us or think about us tomorrow?

      The victors write the history.

    3. They don’t need an excuse. Antifa tried to kidnap a governor last year and they pinned it on us. There is NOTHING we can do for optics.

      The truth is that they only care about one thing: who is most likely to punch them in the face when they offend half their base. Antifa and BLM will gladly punch. We won’t. So they’ll trample us until we’re all dead, or until we start hitting back.

    4. They declared war on the right over the summer. Then continued it in November. They have already won both houses of Congress AND the White House. They didn’t NEED this as an excuse, they would have found one. As you pointed out, the press in on their side.
      They are KILLING us. They are GOING to pass gun laws. That was going to happen anyway.
      At this point, it is get violent or you might as well turn in your guns, because you won’t EVER use them.

    5. I want to avoid this getting kinetic. My while point was that THEY need to consider this reality, because they can’t just try to silence 33M people and disregard them as tinfoil hat wearing bigots. They have to address this reality fully and with honesty or it will get ugly.

      1. I just want to say that the fact not even 24 hours passed before they started silencing the 33 million makes this the most naive-in-hindsight comment I’ve seen you make. Of course, I fully agreed with it when you made it, so I’m at least as naive.

        1. The stages of grief:

          I have come to accept that the coup is here and we are going to have to either fight or surrender without fighting. Where are you? My guess: bargaining.

  5. I wasn’t asked, but the only issue I have with it is that nobody in the crowd had any plans for what to *actually do* after breaching the capitol.

    What, you’re just going to go in, look around, and leave? Pathetic.

    If you want to win a war (and we are at war), you need an objective.

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