This is from the New York Times and Taco Stand:


I am pretty sure the moment you realized you caught the ‘Rona, it meant that whatever self-created contagion protocol proved itself to be a failure. And then you got the vaccine, but still keep strapping your face like you were a comedy show’s first time dad changing diapers for the first time.

This has nothing to do with epidemiologic safety and all to do with ritualism as a way to cope with whatever anxiety these people are experiencing.  This is not “Science” but First World Voodo or Santeria. The rabbit’s foot and four leaf clover have been substitute by a mask and googles and put on full display to prove to the masses they are following a higher call and they are morally superior than anybody else.

They will eventually find another “blankie” to hold on to when this one gets too embarrassing to keep using. This is deeper than just the virus and no vaccine can be developed for it.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

4 thoughts on “Irrationality is now a badge of courage.”
  1. Joe Glickman is a total idiot! Moreover, another proof that masks (and googles) do NOT do anything against an airborne virus such as the Chinese Flu!

  2. Illegal aliens can often be found to have a pocket full of garlic cloves. If asked, they will tell you it’s to protect them from rattlesnakes.
    They also often carry a picture or card in their wallets of Jesus Malverde, the non-sanctioned and never-canonized “saint of migrants and smugglers.” That is to protect them from Border Patrol. Sometimes “el Santo Muerte” is substituted or added to Malverde, if the illegal alien is associated with a criminal gang as a member or a customer.
    Neither talisman works, but they have been in attempted use for over a generation, as part of the voodoo-corrupted pseudo-catholicism of Latin America.
    This is no different. It is a Magic Thing, the possession of and genuflection to which is promised to offer protection from the Evil Big Bad. The only variation is that the masks are a talisman of the religion of tyranny in a govt skinsuit, as opposed to voodoo masquerading as the largest denomination of Christianity. But it is a holy relic of a corrupted institution nonetheless. Those who use it are Believers, generally of poor education and atrophied intellect, unable or unwilling to look at their faith’s founding documents (US Constitution, Holy Bible), and instead putting their faith in demogogues promising salvation through worship of the demagogue (the entire Democrat party, a few prominant Republicans, and any “preacher,” “pastor,” “reverend,” or “priest” who teaches contrary to the Bible).
    They are willing sheep, being lead by goats.

  3. This is his Normandy landing, his State Championship, his reason to bore the living daylights out of his grandkids. He was told this may take years before the panicdemic is over, and dammit! He needs it to take years, otherwise his story is incomplete.

    It is a sad, unlived, uneventful life, where panicking about a virus is your highlight.

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