Is Shannon Watts suffering from mythomania?

This was published yesterday.

The day after the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., I started a Facebook page aimed at uniting American mothers in a fight against gun violence. Married and living in the suburbs of Indianapolis, I was a stay-at-home mom of five and not in any way political, aside from voting. But I’d seen the difference the women of MADD made around drunken driving. Why, I wondered, couldn’t we do the same?

These are the threats you get when you lead a gun-safety group – Washington Post



an abnormal or pathological tendency to exaggerate or tell lies.


I think there is no other explanation. We have known for a good while now that the Susie Home Maker act was patently false and that even the New York Times and Taco Stand has her as a  Public Relations veteran.  But here she does it again just to portray herself as a victim of the evil NRA.

Within hours of speaking out about our nation’s lax gun laws, I received my first threats of sexual violence and death. Over the next several months, my phone throbbed with angry texts and phone calls — often in the middle of the night. My fledgling Twitter feed — which I didn’t really know how to use yet — was on fire. I started getting letters mailed to my home — complete with cut-outs from magazines to spell out threats to my life.
My email was hacked; my Facebook photos were downloaded and distributed publicly; my phone number and home address were shared online;  my children’s social media accounts were hacked and the names of their schools shared online.

I am gonna call BS on that, you know why? Because she would have used all that before to boost her movement and herself. The Facebook page would have been flooded with pictures and screen captures of those personal attacks, yet I don’t recall seeing any and I check them regularly.  I will give her the bit about the Facebook photos, but it is nothing new, illegal or unethical although she now hints at it. It probably has to do with her other malady of having exclusive control of everything related to her which is why to this day, she has refused to accept any challenge for debates.

The underlying message: Stop talking about guns, or we’ll harm you or someone you love.

Hmmm, she did not stop and she did not get hurt or her family.  Oh wait, there is even a meme created to address such a fallacy.

spock anti gun

Whether our volunteers were rallying in public, holding an event in their homes or simply having lunch at a restaurant, extremists were showing up — or threatening to show up — with guns. In fact, just weeks ago, a meeting of Moms Demand Action volunteers in a Kentucky public library was crashed by men who openly carried guns, waltzed in and sat in the front row.

-of or concerning the people as a whole.

You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means. When you gather at a public park or a public street or any public place, it does not mean you and your cohorts are the only ones allowed there: anybody is permitted to share the space. But somehow you and your group showing up to the last two NRA Annual Meetings to protest apparently is not the same.  Fancy that. The problem is that Shannon and her NY Master is they think themselves above the rules of civilized living and despise the idea of rubbing their elbows with the plebe. My guess is they think we will give them some sort of Constitutional cooties.

I almost feel sorry for Shannon….almost. I think she is feeling the pressure of becoming irrelevant and the last thing she wants is to end up like Colin Goddard: used and abandoned.

Dear Shannon: We don’t hate you, we pity you.

3 Replies to “Is Shannon Watts suffering from mythomania?”

  1. While everything you say is absolutely correct, I think the problem is a lot deeper.

    A lot of these types are so wrapped up in the belief, the faith, the conviction that they are absolutely, 100%, undeniably correct that it is inconceivable to them that someone could disagree with them on any sensible/reasonable platform.

    No, if you disagree with them, you must be an idiot, part of a conspiracy, a potential rapist, a hater, whatever. And, because of that conviction, anything you say or do that is not in agreement with her constitutes a threat, or it is some kind of violation of law, or at a minimum, violation of her personal space.

    I do not believe she is writing this claptrap because she is a liar. I believe she is writing it because in her mind, a disagreement with her belief is equivalent to a threat to her life.

  2. I will say that I saw somewhere on the internet, probably Reddit, a somewhat well done photo shop of Shannon Watt’s face on a spanking model from an adult video.

    That was obscene and uncalled for.

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