Is Think Progress endorsing insurrection?

Going back through the timeline of the responses to the Kavanaugh Senate confirmation hearing is this Tweet by Ian Millheiser.

There are two things to consider here.

First, it the radicals here are pounding on the same idea that they did back in 2016, an Electoral College victory is not a legitimate way to win an Election. Another Tweet by Millheiser backs this up.

The people who push this idea do it for exactly the reason our Founding Fathers created the Electoral College and bicameral legislature.

Founders: “we don’t want high population density urban areas with interest that are different than rural agricultural areas to have the ability to dominate the government.”

Democrats: “we want high population density urban areas with interest that are different than rural agricultural areas to have the ability to dominate the government because we control the urban areas.”

The other thing to notice is that Millheiser seems to be referencing the four boxes of freedom concept. The boxes usually that guarantee freedom are the soap box, jury box, ballot box, and cartridge box. They are using the soap box now to little effect. I don’t see how the jury box plays into this, which leaves only the cartridge box left.

Millheiser seems to be endorsing this.

The Senate is the greatest body for minority rights ever dreamed up by a government anywhere. It protects the minority that don’t live in larger or more population dense states, which are generally wealthier, from those who do.

These people are so angry that our founders put a check against mob rule into our Constitution that they are ready to begin an insurrection.

“New York (City) and California aren’t in total control of picking the President or confirming the next Supreme Court Justice so we’re going to start killing people.”

If you thought you needed another reason to own guns, here it is.

5 Replies to “Is Think Progress endorsing insurrection?”

  1. There’s a lot of you in the high population density areas you say?

    We don’t have to fight you, we just have to stop the food from coming in.

    Read up on Leningrad. You’re going to need it.

  2. Bingo mcthag!

    If there is a whiff of rioting and unrest, guess which parts of the country stop getting food shipments? Ding, ding, the cities…

    If actual civil war broke out the death toll in the cities would be astronomical and not due to violence from the right. They would turn on each other for the last egg bite from Starbucks and kill for a latte with the collapse of the distribution system.

    Big liberal cities are death traps of people without supplies, know how, and often without firearms with an ill-placed dependence and expectation on government.

  3. Also, a good part of that 2.8 million votes are the result of good old fashioned vote fraud.
    Phony divisions may look good when you’re trying to intimidate another army, but you can’t actually rely on them to fight for you.

  4. Remember back in the day when any criticism of the gov’t was labelled ‘insurrectionist rhetoric’ by the gun control groups and was a danger to democracy/America/etc.? Now they’re part of the #resistance openly advocating undermining/overthrowing the constitutionally elected administration.

  5. I remember seeing some articles saying there should be a Constitutional amendment to make the Senate proportional. “But that would be difficult”. No kidding — by a specific clause in the Constitution, it requires the unanimous consent, not just 3/4 consent, of the states.

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