He is speaking clearly up to the 6-second mark.  Then he slows down and hen the camera points away from Biden it sounds like he says:

“keep in mind, although they are going to vote on… uh… uh… Barrett, I think today…”

Did Biden have a moment where he thought the Confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett was today and that’s why he was being asked about the Supreme Court?

Judge’s ruling?

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Is this another dementia moment caught on video?”
  1. Looks like the troll is at it again…
    As to the video, well further confirmation of what we already know….
    Heaven help us!

  2. Please to note tweet date of October 26, 2020 J.KB. That’s the date of ACB’s confirmation vote.
    (Not that Biden isn’t showing signs in the vid of an incipient reboot anyway)

  3. What is most telling is how quickly his staff reacts.

    All of us stumble over our words sometimes. Public figures cannot have prepared and practiced remarks for all questions at all times. Forgetting a detail, misnaming someone, or hesitating a bit longer is not really the issue here.

    What is the issue is how quickly the staff moves to end the Q&A session and get the cameras out of there. That response is well practiced, and ingrained into the staff mentality. As soon as Joe starts to flub, get him out of range of the cameras and microphones.

    I am not sure the Secret Service would have that quick of a reflexive action

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