I ask this because I feel there is an incredible lack of action and emotion coming from Florida Gun Owners in general. We have some truly horrible bills in our legislature and I feel there is no interest on them and other than the regular notifications from the NRA I don’t see anything else from anybody or any other group.

From all the anger I was peppered with last year, I figured we had a legion of gun owners ready to lobby in the halls of the Florida Legislature. I imagined that the seats of the subcommittees’ rooms were no longer be the exclusive domain of the women of Moms Demand and their red shirts and instead a sea of gun owners would be present

I fear we are too much entertained with a fake hate crime in Chicago than our rights being violated in our fair state. Hey, I get it, it is hot pop corn that call our attention and confirms our convictions, but we also need to mind our backyard.

And if you are indeed doing something, let us know. Do you need to pass the word about some Gun Rights action being taken? Drop me an email (Miguel at gunfreezone dot net) and I’ll be happy to post it.

I wanted to close by saying be smart and active. I am going to settle in the meantime with being active.   We cannot wait to the last-minute to panic, we need to go full hair pulling now.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “Is this the year of Florida turning California?”
  1. Feels similar here in NM.

    I’ve been writing my state reps often, trying to call (our (anti-gun) state gov’t rep. doesn’t have an answering machine and her staff never seem to pick up), etc.

    Our legislature seems intent on posting hearing and debate schedules last-minute, especially for gun-control bills, and since I have a day job with a lot of meetings I can’t easily cancel, it’s been problematic for me to get to the Round House. Very annoying that; but it seems those with “skin in the game,” job-wise, who likely have the most to lose from this legislation, are the least positioned to be able to get there and say something in person.

    I’m glad we’re getting the notices that this stuff is happening, but many of us can’t break out of our day jobs to do something about it.

    Sorry for the rant, it’s been frustrating enough to make me want to try to build an AR-308.

  2. I have hink its nation wide- dems won the house and some states, like mine, and now we hey think they can steam roller guns out of existance. Lots of key board commando stuff here on Twitter he state gun rights group but very little “ what can I do to help”. Very dang frustrating. Doesnt make me wanta build an AR 308, makes me wanta build a wall!! Meanwhile some of us bug the crap outta our “leaders”

  3. Don’t you have a states gunrights group? Out here we have the AZCDL. Not much going on here besides Ducey pushing his gun confiscation plan and the legislature doesn’t have the stomach for it right now when he tried to ram it through at 2AM like they did in NY last year. I remember calling multiple state reps at midnight 1am.

    1. We have a couple plus the inevitable Dudley Scam group. One is associated with the NRA and has done a lot through the years, but the new Cool Thing of hating the NRA has probably sucked support. The other one seems to be in flux between something or other… not sure WTF are they doing.

  4. Going online, it seems like half of the problem is that some of the chest thumping crowd seems to hate the NRA more than they hate losing their gun rights.

    If there is no unity in the gun community, than we will fail.

  5. What took the wind out of my sails for ranting about this was the deliberate refusal to read the actual Fix NICS bill we could have had with national reciprocity.

    I got told to stay in my lane.

    I got told to shut up.

    With “friends” like this, who needs enemies?

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