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We have seen a massive spike in demand this past 5 days, with double ‘normal’ sales Saturday and Sunday, then triple normal on Monday, quadruple on Tuesday, and today is way up as well, when it will slow down is hard to say at this point as demand seems to continue to rise. If order volume continues to overwhelm the warehouse crew’s capacity to fill orders over the next few days we will have to make choices on how we reduce volume, which could involve increasing prices 5% to 15%, limiting selection to cases only, removing popular ammo options that are sold at extremely low profit margins from the website menu, minimum $$ orders, etc, all of which are highly unpopular with segments of out customer base, but necessary to maintain synchronization of warehouse capacity with order volume. We guarantee the advertised price in this email until noon CST on October 12th or while supplies last, however prices are subject to change after that. In my course of many conversations with clients, I commonly see that there is wide spread misunderstanding of ‘how it works’ in the ammo business, which is understandable because it takes decades of experience to learn the deeper details, and even then, there are always surprises along the way. One thing that a lot of people do not know is that the ammunition business is a fear-driven market, not consumption driven. Fear leads to stockpiling and hording beyond manufacturing’s capacity, which leads to shortages and price increases. This also strains capacity within the distribution system, and price increases are commonly used to slow down order volume while maintaining profitability. The masses react to scares of various types, driving demand up quickly, sharply and almost instantly, within minutes to hours of a disaster, swarming ammo suppliers like us with abnormally large order volume. Such is the case this week in reaction to the Israel – Palestine conflict, where sales skyrocketed Saturday morning and remained at double to quadruple ‘normal’ order volume since then. How long this sort of elevation of demand lasts varies and depends greatly on ‘aftershocks’, as in shocking events that drive additional fear in the wake of what happened just before. It take a series of events to drive the market way up like it was in 2013, or 2020 and 2021, and a single event typically will not do it alone. That said, should a series of shocking events unfold, this could drive the market up in a substantial way. I have seen people on the gun forums often make fun of the people who ‘panic buy’ the day of the disaster, however in my observations over the years, the people that buy in the first hours or few days of the panic beat the potential price increases and almost always come out ahead of those that wait and buy later in the short term, especially if the market prices are down at the time of the panic like they are these days. In my opinion, the market prices could turn back up so quickly and go up so far, that it is a safe to say it is a great time to buy ammo these days. Prices have come substantially from their peaks in 2021, and while it is always possible that they go slightly lower, there is currently a lot more room to go up which can happen in what seems like the blink of an eye. Stack it deep while it is selling cheap!! We have tons of low cost ammo options in stock so you can be ready for your next trip to the range, including all the popular calibers and with FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200. It would be wise to make your purchases while the market cycle is slow, profit margins are in the mid single digits and before demand elevates. With supply up and prices down, it is currently the best time to buy ammo that we have seen in the past 3 and a half years. We have discount prices on bulk ammo in stock with fast order processing, secure shipment packaging and free shipping on any order with over $200 worth of product, making for a more straight forward transaction without expensive surprises in checkout. We thank you for your support of our family owned and operated business, please stay subscribed for future SGAmmo newsletters. If you have some spare time please take a few minutes and look over the online catalog at

Thank you, Sam Gabbert, SGAmmo Owner

He’s not wrong.

We watched as Israel experienced the worst terrorist attack since 9/11 as thousands of Hamas breeched their border.

Simultaneously, Americans have been watching since the beginning of the Biden administration as millions of military age males poured over our border with no checks to see who they are.

Putting two plus two together and coming up with there being a chance that the US could see border related terrorism and violence wasn’t hard to do.

Americans responded in a uniquely American way, buy buying a shitload of ammo.

I don’t see this slowing down any time soon.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Israel and the border is gonna make ammo prices stupid again”
  1. Ammo is like oil. The prices of both rocket up overnight at the slightest hint of unrest but drop slowly like a leaf fluttering down in the fall. Anyone who hasn’t learned by now to “buy it cheap, stack it deep” hasn’t been paying attention….or lives on the edge on poverty.

    1. We learned that lesson right after Sandy Hook. I had, as I recall, just placed my first-ever order for a “full case” of ammo online the day before, as Mrs. B and I were just starting to get into the whole “gun thing” and we discovered the local club doesn’t sell ammo. Fortunate timing on our part.

  2. Because I have an unlimited supply of tinfoil and always wear my hat, even when I sleep (keeps the hair in place) and have done so since Clinton became president, I don’t need to buy ammo, guns, NV equipment, knives, staffs, swords, cqc tools. or dry storage foods, been doing regularly since 1992. But I have never bought high during that time. And the people who have known me throughout that time, know that I treat every tomorrow as if it will be the last day. Was raised that way, have lived that way, and will not change. There is no Utopia, there is only conservation of what has been proven to be morally good and right, by the generations before me, which was forced skillfully upon me responsibly, which I came to learn was the only True Life to live, and I will fight to keep and protect this inheritance to the death, today and tomorrow.
    Since the Evil of the Earth has decided to inflict their Evil Utopian Aspiration upon the Chosen People of The True God, my work load has tripled. And I have been preparing for tragic periods like this current one, since the 70s. And today I have a full day aspiring to bring people up to speed, and to the point of mind where they believe in themselves, that they are able to fight to Good Fight. And Win!
    I see many new faces posting great comments over the past few days. Good to see and read. Many good people here. J.Kb thanks for the review of Thunder Ranch experience. wish I could have been there. Awa great post on being prepared and using a defensive light correctly—sleep ready to fight twelve intruders, I’ve been told it’s sexy which makes it a challenge to get five to six hours to recharge the mental batteries. So far I’ve survived.
    Hope to get time this weekend to catch up here. This is my place for R&R.

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