I’ve covered before the fact that guns are flying off the shelves in Israel gun stores as a result of the wave of stabbings by Palestinians going on in Israel.

As is turns out, the same thing is going on in Austria.  Handgun laws in Austria, and Europe in general, are more restrictive than in Israel, so the gun buy is mostly shotguns and hunting rifles which are easier to obtain… but still.

The European presses are pushing that this is in response to fear of Syrian refugees, and that that fear is unfounded.

Well… what we are learning is that the refugee camps are a hotbed of rape and child abuse.  That particular brand of violence has been on the rise in Europe for some time, with Sweden’s rate of rape having gone through the roof.  There have been reports of Christian refugees being murdered in the refugee camps by Islamic refugees.  Crime in Europe has shot up dramatically, and in some if not many cases, the local governments have played it down or covered it up as to not be perceived as racist or Islamophobic for targeting the minority population responsible.

This is how (I believe) Europe as we know it will end.  European Democratic Socialism is sustained by the belief that if the European people hand over (nearly) half their income in taxes and much of the control they have over their lives to the government, the government will take care of them.  Of course this is unreasonable on it’s face, but the European people have a cultural history of being subjects not free citizens and a strong sense of risk aversion.  These two cultural traits make it easier for Europe to embrace Democratic Socialism.  But now the veil is coming down.  The governments of Europe can’t and/or won’t protect their citizens from Islamic immigrant crime, rape, child molestation, and violence.  The Welfare State that Europeans pride themselves on is being strained to the breaking point as immigrants and refugees collect benefits from a system they never paid into.  Immigrants and refugees, who are usually young and able bodied, are collecting more than retired Europeans who paid into the system their whole lives.

The people of Austria are figuring out they can’t trust their government to protect them any more.  They are buying guns to protect themselves.  As the violence increases, the European governments won’t be able to keep a lid on the crisis.  When enough Europeans catch on to the fact that they have been abandoned by the socialist government they trusted, the system will collapse.

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By J. Kb

17 thoughts on “Israel Redux: European Edition”
  1. Stats for migrants coming to Germany:
    5% refugees of war
    15-25% political refugees

    80% young, able bodied males without family

    80% muslims

    10-20% illiterates

    2% “Fachkraft” (trained workers)

    10% finished school

    I’m working in a gunshop in Germany – we’re selling everything without restrictions like there’s no tomorrow.
    It’s not the Syrians – these are mostly “real” refugees – it’s everyone else who causes problems.
    If you speak your mind about it, youre a Nazi. Hell, you can even get fired.

    1. It’s scary that you mentioned Nazism. The last statement, “…the system will collapse” is a recipe for a repeat. After all, economic despair and social unrest let Hitler get his foot in the door.

      What happens when a well founded xenophobia is created by the hordes or immigrants that damage the system and threaten the population?

      I fear that it will radicalize the population and maybe the government. If not now, it will plant the seeds of destruction for later. It will not end well.

  2. Here in France, you have to be (or pose as) either a target shooter or hunter to be able to buy guns.

    Shotguns and bolt action rifles can be had once you get a target shooting club membership. Getting a handgun or an AR15/AK takes more time and paperwork but is doable.

    Over the last three years, we’ve had an extra 10k members per year. That may not sound like much (+6% increase per year) but keep in mind that just 10 years ago we were losing around 3-5% members/year.

    And if you just want a shotgun or bolt gun, you just need a gun club membership the year you’re getting the gun (handguns/ARs, you need the membership as long as you want to keep them). Once you’ve got your gun you can let the membership lapse.

    Registering guns takes months as the Prefectures are swamped with forms.

    I’ve taken colleagues to the range just to bust some of the myths and after having a good time (and asking to come back!), some of them have asked me what paperwork is involved (and how much a gun costs). And while target shooting is fun most people see this from the self protection angle.

  3. Socialism is “unsustainable”, a concept that socialists themselves love to scold the rest of us about only because of how useful it is towards people who don’t know enough to refute it.

    At its core, Socialism is the fraudulent offer that we each must live at the expense of others and we must allow others the same ability to seize our income, possessions, and assets.

    A Christian should know how this easily must violate three of the Ten Commandments (lies, coveting and theft), and how it must always imply the use of coercion through the threat of deadly force. In Matthew chapter 20, Jesus gave the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard. This parable is full of free market and liberty-oriented implications. It ends in verse 15 with the rhetorical question that destroys socialism: “Is it not lawful for me to do what I want with my own?”

    1. Goes to show that there is no such thing as “capitalism.” Freedom to trade and transact as one pleases is the natural state of human society; attempts to control it generally tend toward maximalism.

  4. The migrants/refugees/whatever come from places where they know a guy who knows a guy who can get them a rifle or pistol, and the governments mostly prevent their people from having firearms.

    1. Depends on the country how easy it is for citizens.
      It’s nearly impossible for refugees to get a gun and for accepted migrants it’s complicated but not impossible (I know a few US-citizens who legaly own guns in Germany).

      Of course, we’re talking about legal guns.

      Illegal guns… well, thanks to the EUSSR the borders are open. You can drive a Truck from the balkan to the channel without control.

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