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All in all it’s been a rough month for the guns, made even more difficult by the fact that after the Republicans decided the 2nd Amendment trumped Benghazi as a campaign issue, Hillary shot right back and said that she was ready, willing and able to take on the NRA.  So the question has to be asked: How come, as Brady’s Dan Gross says, we seem to have reached a “tipping point” in the debate over guns?

Here it is short and sweet.  Everyone’s sick of the NRA.  Sick of the killings, sick of the loss of life, sick of the blind devotion to the 2nd Amendment and sick of all those sacred gun ‘rights.’ Wayne-o is going online today to remind his members that Obama wants to take away their guns.  It’s a hollow argument falling on increasingly deaf ears.

Source: It Hasn’t Been A Good Month For The NRA And Things Might Get Worse. | mikethegunguy

Of course, that “Everyone’s sick of the NRA” is just a bit of wishful thinking, specially since the latest Gallup poll shows that the NRA enjoys the support of the majority of Americans.

Mike The Gun Guy is calling premature victory because a couple od cases went south in court. Him and the average Gun Control idjit do not understand we expect that to happen because they had happened before and they will happen again.

But instead of curling up in a fetal position and raise out fist to the skies demanding that a vengeful deity come save us, we pick up ourselves, dust off our clothes and go back into the scrum for some more fighting. We love a good fight.

The Opposition is all aroused at the latest Gun Control wave of talking from the Democrat nominees for President. They think it means this time is for sure they will have their gun control measures passed before the end of the year. Only a couple of problems with that: It ain’t gonna happen this year or the next. All this talk is just Monica’s ex-boyfriend’s wife and Senile White Male Communist getting a rise out of the base for the Primaries. They need the Thinkprogress and assorted groups to vote for them and cinch the nomination and you only do that by being more lefty than Stalin.

I am willing to bet that once that the Primaries are over, the Gun Control noise from the Dem Electoral Camp will all but disappear from the radar. If the pundits are right and Hillary is the nominee, you will have a better chance to have her talk about the Rose Law Form missing files and Vince Foster than have her come strong against Gun Rights. She is not stupid, she knows what it cost to the party and to Al Gore to piss gun owners off. If she could get away with waving a flintlock musket above her head, she would do so.

Ours is a war of attrition. It works, we wear them out because we have the numbers and the long-term vision. They are the microwave crowd, they need eternal solutions in the time it takes to heat up a burrito during commercials or they get stupid and desperate.  And no all of their followers are One Issue voters, but will vote one year for Universal Health Care and the next year to kill it after they got their new and increased payments with 50% less coverage and higher deductible.

And as for us:


Learn it. Love it. Live it.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “It is all about the long run.”
  1. This election, I’m going to be a single-issue voter. I figure on any other issues I care about, it’s way easier to fight back and regain lost ground. Guns, not so much – gun laws are ten times harder to undo than the laws on any other subject.

    I think if we all realize that and get behind the pro-2A candidate, we’ll be fine.

  2. “The Court agreed that the 2nd Amendment protected the right of gun owners to have semi-automatic rifles but didn’t protect any particular sub-group of same. Bye bye modern sporting gun.”

    Is that why the non-compliance rate in NY and Ct are running to 95%? Just because some black robed asshat says it doesn’t make it so.

  3. [ “I am willing to bet that once that the Primaries are over, the Gun Control noise from the Dem Electoral Camp will all but disappear from the radar.” ] <– Why, we on the pro-gun side must record/copy as much as we can of their primary statements, to repost during the general election campaign. Too many folks have short memories.
    As to the court's f*#ked up decision. Hopefully, it'll be overturned in the SCOUS, but regardless, everyone must draw their own "line in the sand", that they will not cross. (Right, Alan?) Seems that the line has been crossed in Conn. & N.Y. by 90%+. Good luck with enforcement, assholes!

  4. Pshhh. Hillary tackling the NRA? Based on how she handled that E-mail server, Hillary has less qualification to hold any political offices in the US ever again than Obama has to be president IF we assume that he was born in Kenya.

    I want to see the Benghazi hearings concluded and her charged and executed for treason. It’d be a good start.

  5. And I’m sick of AAA (the lobby for the automobile makers) that keeps dangerous cars on our streets that are easily available to anyone (even criminals can legally drive them!). Autosexuals and their American car culture are responsible for tens of thousands of deaths every year. All car owners share the responsibility for these deaths. Why aren’t they all ashamed of themselves?

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