Since its inception, the California ammunition background check has been riding at about a 10.8% rejection rate.

Of that, more than 50% were in error. We don’t know if the remaining people were actually prohibited, or if they just didn’t bother to go to the trouble of doing the paperwork.

About 7,500 individuals are rejected each month.

The good news is that the CA DoJ reports that doing all that to law-abiding, responsible citizens resulted in 51 investigations. Those 51 investigations resulted in 15 individuals being arrested.

The state seized 152 firearms, 12 “ghost gun parts”, 237 magazines, and 78,742 rounds of ammunition.

That translates to 3 firearms on average per investigation and 1,500 rounds of ammo.

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By awa

One thought on “It is just a little bit of rape, CA’s Ammunition Background checks”
  1. When we were living there, we didn’t even try to buy ammo. Just not worth the sturm und drang.
    And reason N++ to move out of the state if you can.

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