I saw this being shared in social media:

Ask anybody who is from the former Soviet Union, Cuba or Venezuela and they will tell you the same thing that popped in my head when I first saw it: Food rationing and the infamous food lines:

And when you get inside, the pickings are less than slim.

Supermarket in Venezuela.

You are assigned so many grams of meat per month, same as rice, beans, sugar, flour, etc. And the government assigns you some sort of tracking mechanism so you don’t get cute and buy more that assigned.

Cuba’s “La Libreta” AKA Ration booklet which is used to keep track of what the government assigns you to eat.

You can always go and buy in the black market via the brave street vendor or literally from the trunk of a car.

An administration only starts preparing people for this new normal under some bullshit Environmental  campaign when they are about to do something it will send the means of food production crashing or know it is coming.

I figure Pam is still cheap. Same for rice and beans.  We may need to stock up in a grand manner.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “It is not a Green initiative to fight Climate Change”
  1. I still think it’s part of the general system of sumptuary laws, meant to keep the commoners in their place, with an occasional treat permitted on designated feast days.
    Still, the Green Leap Backward is likely to cause massive shortages if implemented. Maybe I should scale up the New Victory Garden even further, and consider acquiring some edible livestock. Trouble is, the wife would insist on naming the critters.
    (Many people in the area seem to think something’s up; there’s been an outbreak of large garden patches in the neighborhood this year.)

      1. The Inner Party will still have their special stores, their reserved lanes, their Zil limos, their reserved clinics with imported medicines, and so on.

  2. All part of Agenda 21 (maybe Agenda 30, now) to concentrate people in cities, let most of the land return to nature, no farms other than government-run (and you can imagine how productive they will be), food rationing, and city dwellers forbidden to have gardens, otherwise they won’t be dependent on government and will tend to set up dreaded capitalist enterprises. See also Biden’s “30 X 30” program to “re-wild” 30% of the land area of the US.

    1. “In a country where the sole employer is the State, opposition means death by slow starvation: The old principle: who does not work shall not eat, has been replaced by a new one: who does not obey shall not eat.” — Leon Trotsky, 1937 (quoted by Henry Hazlitt in “The wisdom of Henry Hazlitt”)

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