It is not just the numbers but what they mean.

According to the US Census Bureau, there is an estimated 325,719,178 people in the US (2017.) Less than one-third means it is south of 108,573,059 or just let’s round it to 100 million for brevity’s sake.

So NoRA admits that there are at least 100 million gun owners in the US. The armies of China, Russia and the US only make for 9 million on a good day.

And somehow Alyssa Milano, Shannon Watts, Michael Bloomberg and the rest of the Gun Control Fantasy Tour think it will be easy just with a law to make all guns disappear or make us felons.

Keep dreaming.

7 Replies to “It is not just the numbers but what they mean.”

  1. Just another good example of needing to make sure you understand what’s behind the statistics you want to use.

    Or that someone is trying to use on you.

  2. Truth don’t matter for progtards. Is all about the “feelz” and how many facts they can lie & twist around to keep their minions within the group-think.

  3. 100 MILLION and growing…everday. We the People continue to set NICS records every month.
    They have no clue in there narrow little world.

  4. Notice they don’t bring up how many Americans vote, which is a smaller than it should be number, too.

    By their logic, we should eliminate voting since not every eligible person does it.

    One other thing about their YUGE and inept generalization. A good potion of Americans are under the legal age to own firearms. We have a large criminal population that are barred from future ownership. A lot of people will not admit to owning firearms. Finally, many, many others do not consider themselves the “owner” of the firearm (the may say that their father/husband is the owner), yet have access to it since they are family members.

    All these distort the percentages. Again, truth is not their strong suit.

  5. One third of Americans ADMIT to owning guns when called on the phone by some supposed random survey. How many refuse to answer, or flat out lie?

  6. “Less than 1/3 own guns”.

    If accurate.

    The rest are underage, or will lie. Or answer a call from an unknown number, “Bahungaland County Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Sphincter….”

    not that I know anybody, myself, who might do that….

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