It is not simply that Gun Owners vote.

Like Michael Bane is fond to say, we always vote guns. Liberals will vote according to what is in the political weather that election cycle: Gay Rights for Muslim Albinos or against Greenhouse Gases from Field Mice or whatever is the cause du jour. Gun Owners will vote for the candidate that supports the Second Amendment every. single. time.

We are that ornery.

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  1. Unfortunately, what you say is true only for a fraction of gun owners. A lot of them still vote for the Confiscation Party (Democrats). It’s a bit like the many (reform) Jews who vote D in spite of the anti-Israel policies of that party.

  2. Gun Owners will vote for the candidate that supports the Second Amendment every. single. time.

    So candidates will say they’re pro-2A and lie to us about it as a strategy far too often. Witness how every major pro-gun bill got shot down by Republicans for the last two years. Still no campus carry. Still no open carry.

    During the primaries, the Song of the Stupid Party always had, “I’m pro second amendment” and yet they voted for Rick Scott’s stupid gun control bill as a herd. The Evil party got them to vote in their gun control wish list (minus one or two points) without so much as lifting a finger. Now the Evil party is campaigning on finishing their list.

    Ever feel like you’re being had?

    1. One of the ways I like to annoy establishment republican types is to ask them how many POSITIVE gun rights results they’ve gotten from toeing the party line: not NEGATIVE results (“We kept the Democrats from doing so and so forth…”) which are mostly kabuki; but actual postive moving of gun rights forwards.
      Generally you can see some positive results on a state level, such as passing and then liberalizing CCW laws, but on a federal level the last positive move was the FOPA in ’86, which is toothless when states decide to ignore it.

    2. Then again, every Florida Democrat Party candidate was on TV telling me that they’re going to ban assault rifles while taxing ammo to pay for abortions.

      It’s pretty much the same dilemma I faced during the 2016 presidential election- the guy who says he’s on my side, but may be lying vs the shrill harpie who declared that she most assuredly isn’t.

    3. “Ever feel like you’re being had?” Everyday.

      In Idaho supporting more gun control is a third rail issue (at least so far, Califoricators and all that). However, the Dems flat out lie saying “of course they’re for the second amendment”, until it becomes time to vote, then it’s “sensible gun safety”. The Pubies, on the other hand, won’t come out for gun control per se, but will block, delay and when that won’t work, water down bills to loosen existing gun controls, then stand up with the NRA and claim how virtuous they are. Case in point our effort last session to get meaningful “stand your ground” legislation passed. We kinda got what we previously had including prosecutorial discretion whether SYG applies. However, from the crowing from the statehouse you would have thought they had created world peace.

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