In case you have not noticed, we are in a state of legal warfare and possibly soon enough, a full-fledged one.

Stop giving aid and comfort to the Enemy. Stop giving them the benefit of the doubt, you all look like ass kissers.

When you saw what was done to Kyle Rittenhouse and then saw how the mass murder in Waukesha has been memory-holed into oblivion. but go all teary-eyed saying Alec Baldwin is innocent because he was following instructions, you are a colossal dumbass who swears we are living in Mayberry USA times.

Alec Baldwin was the producer of the movie. It was in his power to stop production and fire the armorer and anybody else after the first incident of weapons mishandling was reported. He chose to continue, and more cases happened to the point crews quit because of safety concerns. He probably could not find a cheaper armorer/prop master and kept the one he had putting profits over safety.

And at the end of the day, it was his hand operating the gun given by an unexperienced armorer he hired and kept regardless of previous security fuck-ups, that killed another human being. And even if he was not the producer, he is the star of the film and has the clout to stop the project till safety concerns were addressed, but again he chose not to do a thing about it.

Yes, I heard the excuse that the use of guns in Movie Business is different from how we use guns in real life or competitive game and that is true. In any of the action shooting sports, you have a dangerous negligent discharge, you get disqualified on the spot and invited to evacuate the premises. I guess in the movie business you don’t have to stop till you send somebody to the morgue.

Acceptable loses, Hollywood style.

But I am the unfair asshole because I want to see Alec Baldwin wearing orange and forced to suck male appendages to survive in prison for killing another human being.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “It is time for some of you to get the memo.”
  1. Hey Miggy,

    You didn’t get the memo, the dancing monkeys in Hollywood get treated differently than we do, it is in the in the footnotes, of the rules where ” some pigs are more equal than others”. whatever they say is treated as ” gospel ” and we “dirt people ” need to get with the program.

    Yes this is satire, but the dancing monkeys are treated differently than we are.

  2. Yes, I heard the excuse that the use of guns in Movie Business is different from how we use guns in real life or competitive game and that is true.

    No, it’s not true.

      1. The four rules apply to movie sets as much as to IDPA matches. The people who try to claim movie sets are somehow exempt actually seem to believe guns are pointed at people during filming.

        Film is an art of fooling the eye as much as anything else. You don’t need to actually have a shoot-out to tell the story of a shoot-out.

        1. You could back the rest of us up in reminding a certain commenter here of those facts. Some people believe that because movie sets are different, and prop guns are different (even when they’re REAL GUNS), and blanks and dummy rounds are different, that the rules are different as well.

          My opinion is and always has been: If I were a Hollywood producer or armorer, I might (but probably wouldn’t) allow bona fide and verified prop guns to be handled differently on movie sets, if-and-only-if ALL the guns are bona fide and verified inert props.

          But the SECOND a real gun is to be used as a prop, All Guns On Set Are REAL Guns, and the Four Rules Apply Equally to All of Them. Call it an extension of Rule #1: “All guns are always presumed loaded.” The extension is, “All guns are presumed real guns … AND are presumed loaded.”

          Because on-set safety is Paramount … but apparently is not El Dorado Pictures. (see what I did there? 😉 )

          There’s no conceivable way the armorer on Rust didn’t know that revolver was a real gun. Baldwin himself may or may not have been aware of that (I don’t see how not, but I’m a gun guy and he’s not, so…), and if not he’s absolved of SOME liability … but certainly not all.

          But the notion that “We can’t expect professional actors to learn and follow four simple rules” is, in a word, nuts. Further, the notion that “We can’t use remotely-operated cameras or drones for ‘downrange’ footage, just in case” is equally nuts. It sounds like every Hollywood shoot-out scene MUST be filmed with actors actually pointing guns at each other, every time. That’s just not the case!

          And no, I’m not buying Baldwin’s “I didn’t pull the trigger” line. For that single-action revolver to have discharged, he would have had to pull back the hammer AND press the trigger. I admit there’s a non-zero chance the gun malfunctioned and the hammer dropped without pressing the trigger, but he still would have had to cock it when there was no reason to. And there’s the inconvenient fact the gun worked normally the day prior, including the trigger (if reports that the crew used it for plinking after-hours and that’s how the live round made it on-set are true). Hell of a time for a one-in-a-million malfunction, wouldn’t you say?

  3. I haven’t [yet] heard PotG defending Single Action Alec.

    I might have a smidge of empathy _if_ he appeared to truly be sorry. Instead, he’s covering his a$$ a fast as he can.

    1. There’s a Greek-Philosopher Blogger guy who is actively fellating Alec Baldwin in his support and covering for said Baldwin because apparently Baldwin is too stupid to exist without a tape playing in his ear “Breathe in, Breathe out…”

      No, not kidding.

      On the other hand, John friggin Schneider, yes, one of the Duke Boys, has been hammering the living dogsqueeze out of Alec “Ima Dancin Monkeyboy” Baldwin on youtube.

      So, yes, there are PotG who are bending over and covering for Baldwin. But most PotG want to see him swing, or at least wear orange for the rest of his miserable life.

      Funny watching spineless PotG bend over backwards to not justify punishing Baldwin for doing exactly what he said PotG supposedly do.

  4. Movies, Plays, TV Shows and other performances use guns every hour, every day, millions of times over the years. Yet how many deaths have their been?

    Halyna Hutchins, John Eric Hexum, even throw in Vic Morrow and the kids, and the poor kid in a student film stabbed to death when the knife went through the board protecting his chest. How many dead in the last 50 years? six? a dozen?

    How could “Rust” have how many negligent discharges, safety issues, and not get shut down? As you mentioned, the professional film crew walked off the set saying it was too dangerous. Unfortunately they were proven correct.

    Want to stop it for the next 50 years? Charge everyone, especially the man with the gun in his hand.

    1. Exactly. I think the answer is “three deaths in recorded movie history, one of which was a negligent suicide”. has an excellent discussion by someone who actually appears to be qualified as an armorer, unlike the fool on the Rust production. It mentions this gem:
      “…I quickly found out that beneath the humor, Robin Williams never missed a detail.

      Many of our scenes involved a revolver. Every day I would show him the empty firearm, load six dummy cartridges into the chambers so it looked fully loaded to camera, and demonstrate that it was completely safe by pointing it in a safe direction and pulling the trigger eight times.

      Over the course of two months, he silently observed that I always pulled the trigger exactly eight clicks — two more than necessary for the revolver’s six chambers. Then, on our final day, as I was preparing for our last scene together, Robin asked me why I always pulled the trigger eight times. I told him my personal reason: “The first six are for you, the seventh one is for me, and the eighth one is for Brandon Lee.” The very talented James Glennon, also a skilled person with a firearm, nodded his head in silent agreement.

      Note how he and the actor together are obeying the basic safety laws precisely and rigorously. And note the reference to Brandon Lee, the only other person killed by negligent gun handling of others. These are people who understand what it’s all about, who know what they are doing, and who expect everything to be done by the book every single time with no excuses whatsoever. If you have people like this on set, there won’t be any negligent discharges.

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