I absolutely know that it is a crime to use lethal force to defend property.

I’m saying when I see videos like the one above, or videos of people looting a drug store,  come to believe that society was gone too far in one direction.  Only an equally extreme shove will push the pendulum back to normal.

Since police and prosecutors are not dealing with this, the law should allow witnesses to use violent and potentially deadly force to stop property theft.

Watch someone smash windows to steal stuff out of a car, you should be justified in smashing their head in.

Ultimately, curbing bad behavior requires people to fear the consequences.  That is the job of the judicial system, to be the consequences.  The judicial system has failed to put the duty of delivering consequences in the hands of the people.

At least until this nation rights itself, then we can reevaluate.

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By J. Kb

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