It’s a rule of feminsim

Scratch a male feminist and you will find a rapist underneath.

After ‘reflecting very carefully’ on groping allegation, Trudeau says he doesn’t feel he acted inappropriately

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave his most detailed response yet to an 18-year-old allegation he groped a female reporter, confirming Thursday he had apologized to the woman at the time but saying he didn’t feel he had acted “in any way untoward.”

They really don’t believe the feminist bullshit, they just use it to buy indulgences so that they can treat woman like sex objects and not feel guilty about it.

I swear, if the media really dug into Justin Trudeau, he probably has a whole “Girl with a Dragon Tattoo” rape dungeon in a basement somewhere.

3 Replies to “It’s a rule of feminsim”

  1. I have said, repeatedly, that even if I did agree with what Feminism claims to stand for, I would not identify as a feminist because so many male feminists are awful people.

    My claim has been vindicated again and again over the past year. I started making it over 3 years ago.

  2. Have you heard his initial excuse 18 years ago?

    “I am sorry. If I had known you were reporting for a national paper, I never would have been so forward.” In other words, “I thought you were just another peasant that the Elite Nomenklatura like us can abuse.”

    Kate McMillan at SDA had the story a month ago. They had been waiting for the “real news media” to catch up.

  3. Another women hating Rebulican gets caught… no wait a minute,he aint a republican….(sarc) cant wait to see who comes forward next, bet theres a bunch he was “forward” with.

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