LAPD identifies Brianna Kupfer’s ‘killer’ as a career criminal with dozens of arrests who was out on $1K bail as they tell public not to approach ‘armed and dangerous’ suspect and launch manhunt

Los Angeles police have identified the suspect wanted in the fatal stabbing of UCLA grad student Brianna Kupfer, who was brutally slain at her job in a luxury furniture store.

Shawn Laval Smith, 31, was named by LAPD on Tuesday night as the suspect captured on video in chilling footage as he calmly purchased a vape pen from a 7-Eleven just 30 minutes after the cold-blooded murder.

Brianna was stabbed to death on Thursday afternoon while working alone at the Croft House store on La Brea, just minutes after she texted a friend that a man in the store was ‘giving her a bad vibe’.

Smith is a career criminal with a long rap sheet spanning both coasts, and is currently free on a $1,000 bond from a misdemeanor arrest in Los Angeles County in October 2020, sheriff’s records show.

The nature of that charge wasn’t immediately clear, and it was also unclear why the case still hadn’t been brought to a trial or a plea deal 15 months later.

Despite his neat and well-kept appearance, cops say they strongly suspect the suspect is homeless, based on his travel on foot as well as information they declined to reveal.

Police say the wanted man was seen walking all throughout the area and entering several stores, speculating that he chose to attack Brianna after he found her working alone.


LA nurse, 70, who died after being beaten by homeless man, 48, then falling and hitting her head while waiting on bus to work

Friends and colleagues have been mourning a veteran Los Angeles nurse who was randomly struck in the face without provocation by a homeless man as she waited for a bus to take her to work last week.

Sandra Shells, 70, succumbed to her injuries three days later on Sunday at LAC+USC Medical Center, where she worked for 38 years.

Police arrested Kerry Bell, 48, a transient man with criminal histories in multiple states, charging him in connection with Shell’s death.

Shells was attacked by a homeless man at about 5.15 a.m. on Thursday near Vignes Street and Cesar Chavez Avenue, half a mile away from Union Station, while she was waiting to catch a bus to her job at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Bell, her suspected attacker, allegedly punched Shells in the face, leading the nurse to hit her head on the ground, likely striking it against the concrete. As a result of her fall, Shell suffered a fractured skull.

Bell has one prior arrest in Los Angeles, but multiple prior arrests in several other states, according to the LAPD.

Two women, two days, two vagrants in LA with multiple criminal convictions and arrests out on bail.

Both had prior convictions out of state and moved to LA.  Shawn Laval Smith was from Charlotte, NC.

Also, Shells’ killing is another example of the dangers of a single punch to the face.

LA is a shithole where criminal vagrants go to prey upon innocent people and not face serious impediment to their lifestyle from government.

It’s like Escape From LA,  except that Escape From LA is actually preferable to this since at least there were no innocent civilians in LA for the criminals to attack.

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “It’s always the places you can’t carry where you need a gun the most – murderous vagrants in LA edition”
  1. How about crowd funding a program to ship your city’s homeless and career criminals to LA and Frisco? Greyhound is pretty cheap.

    1. HTF do you think those “homeless” with “multiple arrests in 10 other states” got here, FFS?!?

      Assholes in the 47 other states have been shipping their shitbags here for decades, and then the pricks in those states laugh about how f**ked up Califrutopia is, when it’s their own toothless banjo-playing kinfolk their own elected sonsofbitches shipped here for the last twenty years, causing 99% of the problems hereabouts.

      It’s also a myth that you can’t carry in L.A. legally. You absolutely can.
      You just can’t get a CCW if you live in L.A. County, since time out of mind, because the LASO is corrupt, and every sheriff since Eisenhower was president has been a gun-fearing wussy, and crooked as a dog’s hind leg. (After 200 “crooked cop” stories, it’s not profiling, it’s an indicator.)

      Residents of adjoining counties have much less trouble getting a CCW, even with the state still being “may issue”, and once issued, they’re good statewide. Which really pisses off some LA LEOs.

      Committees of Vigilance were born in this state, and they’re going to start making a comeback, officially or unofficially. That which cannot continue, will not.

        1. Liberals and Democrats are literally never wrong about anything, they are always right about everything. They are also always the victim and never the victimizers. Everyone and anyone who opposes them or questions them or is not them is automatically the bad guy and the source of all their woes.

          They are psychologically incapable of thinking otherwise.

        2. Come pull a shift in any local ER within 100 miles of me, and see who the “homeless” are, and where their SSNs were issued.
          Look up where Nancy Pelosi is from.
          Or Barbara Boxer.
          Or Gray Davis, the idiot governor we recalled.
          Or Mad Maxine Waters.
          And on and on.

          Let me know when the penny drops.

          I’ll take the lumps for the homegrown asstards like Moonbeam Brown of Fineswine; the Other 47 should own their problem children as well.

          But you can have your toothless banjo-playing kinfolk, especially the meth-head imports, any time you want ’em back.

          Good Christ, man, the stories about other states handing them cash to get out of dodge and come here have been legion, even in the lamestream media, for years.

          Sorry if this is news to you, but obviously, for a one-time cost of a few thou, you don’t have to deal with them 24/7/365. They hit the Pacific Ocean, and can’t drift any farther west, and we’re stuck with them.

          And just because your memory only goes back five minutes, history didn’t start when you were born. This was a majority conservative state until 1992.
          SO, btw, how’d your senators and reps vote on building a border wall and deporting illegals, anytime since 1990?

          How many “homeless” has your state given cash to, to relocate elsewhere?

          Or did you imagine they all hitchhiked here?


      1. If CA keeps voting may-issue and keeps electing shall-not-issue officials and criminal-loving “prosecutors”, then CA deserves what it gets, and trying to blame it on other states just isn’t going to fly.

        1. O please.

          How many of those “Californian” voters are actually illegals, and how many are the libtard transplants from out your way, and about as “Californian” as grits and hog back, or French Fries and pizza?

          Keep telling yourself liberalism is in the water out here or something, and it just magically happened that an entire state flipped sides in less than a generation after 140 years.

          Don’t dig any deeper than that. You can’t handle it.

          And when (not if) your state purples up next, then goes full Proggy blue, and the worm turns on you, you’ll find sympathy in the dictionary somewhere between sh*t and syphilis.

          Best wishes with that, come the day.

          I’ve watched non-Californians fuck up this state top to bottom my entire life. It’s going to be sad, but still funny as hell, watching it happen everywhere else, and seeing the puzzled looks on your faces when the light bulb finally comes on.

          The problem isn’t “Californians”. It’s pests who shit all over everything, then move on to the their next victim. When your kinfolk come home, and bring their maids and gardeners and dish washers, there’ll be hell to pay. Where they land.

          1. Oh goody! The no good Scotsman argument.

            Well as a person born in California, that lived in California, that went to school in California I can say as a true Scotsman…

            These United States allow for free(ish) travel and migration between states. My current state has significant issues with people in liberal/progressive States to our south moving here. They then start complaining about what we don’t do as well as the state they escaped from. And they vote for those same things they escaped from.

            Many states that have cold weather see transitory homeless population. There is a camp that works the intersection near the office. The are there every work day until it starts to snow. Then they are gone till the spring.

            Nobody paid them to leave.

            When you ignore the people of California and look at the land, it is a good place to live. Temperate climate and good growing conditions. It is much more comfortable to live rough in those conditions.

            When you add all the handouts that the people of California give to the homeless, it looks like a good place to go.

            While the stories of the homeless being handed a twenty and shoved on the bus to California abound, it really isn’t that big of an issue. If the homeless didn’t want to go to California they would get of the bus and go back, long before they got there.

            Regardless of everything else, the fablist is avoiding the glaring issue here. There is significant crime and violence in California. While there are bubbles of safety there are larger areas where it isn’t safe anymore. The has been true from the 90’s forward. My realtor wasn’t willing to show me houses in some areas because it wasn’t safe.

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