This is gross:


I am not a lawyer so this is not legal advice, but if I were on a jury and a defendant said “he smeared shit in my face so I shot him,” I’d vote to acquit.

People get hepatitis that way and I’d consider giving someone hepatitis to be “grave bodily harm.”

And of course this guy has a criminal history a mile long.

And without me even having to tell you, you know he’s an antisemite.


And also you knew that after he attacked a Jewish man in NYC, he was released on his own recognisance.

None of what I’m saying is shocking because deep in your gut you had an idea of what sort of person is allowed to roam free in NYC to attack women by rubbing human shit in their faces.

It’s like he’s a stock NPC in the “Life in the Big Apple” sandbox.

Here’s the crazy Jew-haying vagrant with an extensive criminal record who assaults people with shit.  He respawns regularly on the subway.

At least in sandbox games you are allowed to be armed to defend yourself against barbarians and monsters.

In the Big Apple sim you just take the shit to the face.



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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “It’s always the places you can’t cary where you need a gun the most – NYC poop attack”
  1. Don’t worry, he will be tried in 4 or 5 years before being given community service. He was studying to be a plumber and showing people his homework…… That is New York City for you.

  2. Nice Oregon Trail riff.

    Yet another reason to avoid the Big Rotted Crabapple. You could list these like the 99 Restaurant (originated : Reason # 43 to leave NYC,

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