A man at an Elizabeth Warren event managed to ask an honest question.  Her answer was exactly what you’d expect.


Why not?  These are people who voluntarily go through background checks, probably with fingerprints, firearm safety training, and jump through every legal hoop to be allowed to lawfully carry concealed.  Why no let them?

Because it’s not about making people safer, it’s about controlling those people who want to legally own guns.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “It’s never about keeping people safe, it’s about controlling law abiding gun owners”
  1. dizzy lizzy apparently refuses to believe that those who jump thru all of the legal hoops to get said permission slip to legally carry concealed are among the most law abiding demographic around.
    In fact, studies have shown that demographic group is SEVEN times less likely to commit any sort of crime than the LE community. IOW she knows it is not about safety nor ‘for the children’ – it is about control, plain and simple.

    1. I would love to see the faces of those cheering aliens when they dial 911 some night…….and no one answers. Anyone wonder what happen to that simpering flash in the pan, Hoggyboy?

  2. It is hard to pull off a socialist/communist coup if the population is heavily armed. It is more than mere control that they seek. It is total oppressive domination and death to those who resist. Every despotic regime eventually resorts to murdering its foes.

    The truly pathetic thing is that the Left actually believes they are the good guys on the moral high ground. The road to their utopia is paved with human skulls.

  3. Dems are the good guys…..siding with known terroists and screaming orange man bad….while Americans KNOW who the good guys really are. We the People vastly out number the liberal useless morons. Time we start acting like it

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