By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “It’s not an insurgency when they want to do it”
  1. Banana clip? I suppose he meant an AR-47 magazine.

    You’ve got to wonder about “Blocked by Neera Tanden”. How far to the left of Bernie would you have to be to accomplish that?

  2. What’s a DemExiter? Isn’t that a town in the UK?

    Interesting how the capabilities of a firearm somehow morph from harmless to deadly depending on how the leftists want to use them. When they want to fight the government, an AR is a super weapon, but of the millions of people across the nation want to fight the government, it suddenly becomes a rubber band shooter.

    1. I thought it was the reverse – useless against a government, but ultra-death against anything else.

      I’m so confused…

  3. Tom4CongressNY

    Odd he’s wishing for AR-15’s when you can be positive as a former Democrat running for office in NY, that he was all about banning and confiscating every single AR-15 and normal capacity magazine.

  4. Another MORON showin us knuckledraggers how smart he is. Socialist hey?? Im sure he lives a frugal life giving half of what he has to those less fortunate..
    Fuk him

    1. Not to mention that he boasts of living on “occupied territory”. (I assume, going by the picture, that’s he’s not Lenape.)

  5. He could save space/characters his Twitter bio by simply writing “massive piece of shit”

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