Yesterday morning, Al-Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Aqleh was killed in a fire fight in Jenin.

The IDF was engaged in a raid on a refugee camp known for hiding Palestinian terrorists.

Abu Aqleh was covered the raid when she was shot in the head and killed.

It s unclear at the moment if she was shot by the IDF or Palestinians, an investigation is on going and the report from the Palestinian Forensic Institute said that the bullet was too damaged to be identified.

Now, let’s take a step back and cover some recent history.

This has been a particularly bloody Ramadan season in Israel.

There have been six terrorist attacks in Israel since the end of March, which have killed 19 Israelis.  Three Israelis were killed and three wounded in an axe attack just a few days ago.

This camp had been raided recently as suspects from a previous stabbing attack were hiding in the camp.

The raid that occurred today turned into a fire fight with armed Palestinians shooting at the IDF.

It was in the middle of this chaos that Abu Aqleh was killed.

Who killed her and if it was accidental are irrelevant, the narrative is that the Israelis murdered a Palestinian journalist in a war crime.

Al-Jazeera is pushing this, of course.  But so is the Palestinian cause of the US Congress and the US media.



#ShireenAbuAkleh is trending and overwhelmingly it’s people blaming Israel for “murdering” or “assassinating” her.

This is a blood libel.

Many of the Tweets are filled with antisemitism and anti-Zionist lies.

There are calls for revenge.

Her death is going to be a nexus around which antisemitic violence will precipitate.

The Jewish community is going to have to baton down the hatches and be prepared, because it’s going to get very ugly very quickly.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Jews be prepared, the latest blood libel is spreading”
      1. Forgive my cynicism, but they said they couldn’t tell.

        They have every reason to conceal the truth if it was one of theirs. “Too damaged to identify” is plausible deniability.

        But there’s more to forensic analysis than just the bullet.

        Where was she shot (as in, geographic location)? From what direction? From what distance? From what angle? I know life isn’t like CSI, and precise, lab-quality minute-of-angle measurements aren’t always possible (in fact, it’s pretty rare), but we should be able to get at least an approximation.

        Essentially, where was the bullet fired from, and who was there at the time? Find that out, and the bullet being “too damaged” becomes less important.

        (Not to mention the non-zero probability of Palestinian fighters possessing and using some Israel-sourced weapons, which renders the bullet’s “identity” pretty much irrelevant.)

  1. Question 1: did she get shot inadvertantly, or deliberately?(see, also, Farnam’s Four Stupids: stupid places, at stupid times, with stupid people, to do stupid things. Just don’t!)

    2: by whom?

    3: because she was Arabic, or a urinalist?

    Hell, under the reign of Emperor McFee, urinalists will have a bounty on their heads!

  2. The Israelis offered to involve the PA in the investigation. The PA refused.

    They know she was shot by a Palestinian, or was carrying a weapon.

    1. To be fair, the PA refuses to let Israel get involved in anything. Their Olympic judokas refuse to be on the same mat as Israeli judokas at what should be a completely non-political competition.

      That said, I won’t deny that I believe yours is the most likely explanation.

  3. Reporters are propaganda shills for the left, and the rich elite. They lie for the democrat party. If America has a shooting civil war, they should be considered legitimate targets, because their lies will have helped cause the shooting. They are the Inquisition, Death to the Inquisition.

  4. A Journalist positions herself between two opposing forces in the middle of a firefight and gets killed. In Ukraine this would be noted as a tragedy of war, and quickly forgotten, in Israel with an Al-Jazeera “journalist”, she is “murdered” by Israeli troops. Then congress critters tout the unverifiable narrative using their congressional Twitter accounts.

    1. In contrast, the Taliban executes an American journalist on camera — no accidents, no firefight, just a little beheading of a captured, bound, and helpless non-combatant reporter — and nobody in the media or Leftist government gives a damn or says anything. It goes against The Narrative [TM], ergo “Tragedy of war, quickly forgotten.”

      But a reporter is shot during an active firefight in what could easily be any of several possibilities — a “wrong place, wrong time” accident, or a Palestinian-fired bullet, or a stray IDF round, or a completely-unrelated homicide, or [pick your unprovable hypothesis] — only ONE of which implicates Israel and/or the IDF, and suddenly the media and Leftists are all “IT’S THE IDF’S FAULT, BLAME ISRAEL AND DA JOOOOOOS!!!”

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