I have no doubt that the issues we’ve been having is directly attributable to the government’s contradictory and ever changing doctrine on the Kung-Flu remediation which has led to some to overblow the fears of people on both sides of the vaccine issue.

And don’t forget that there are influencer assholes on the side of “freedom” that are there just for the money and not for a true care of individual rights. There be Dudley Browns everywhere.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “John Stossel on COVID Vaccines.”
    1. Harry, what definition are you using to make that claim? If you mean the literal meaning (something derived from a cow) then I agree. If you mean by the usual current meaning of the word, I have no idea why you said that.

  1. And that dr. is the exact reason people are resistant. His smug, superior attitude. The number he gives for ‘herd immunity (90%) is higher than the various numbers Fauci admitted to making up to see what he could get away w/. Then he goes onto ‘compelling’ people and comparing it to vaccines that have a long history of testing and safety. Unlike the ones for wuhan.

    I like Stossel but I wonder how long he’ll keep his tune on ‘boosters’ when they become mandatory every few months in order to go shopping for food or leave your home.

    1. In Oregon, people who sought and received exemptions for medical or religious reasons are finding that their managers are being pressured into shenanigans in scheduling. As in, “You’re still technically employed here, but we’re not scheduling any shifts or hours for you, so you have no income even though you still have a job.”

      On top of that — and to comment on your last sentence — the state agencies are floating a policy proposal that anyone laid off because they refuse the mandatory shot, will NOT qualify for SNAP/TANF public assistance like they would if they were laid off for any other reason.

      Because if keeping your job and income aren’t enough incentive, WE’LL STARVE YOUR CHILDREN!

      Seriously, nothing that is a net good ever has to be pushed, compelled, or mandated as hard as this “vaccine” has been. The overt threats and sheer bullying make skeptical people even LESS inclined to get the shots, not more.

      1. “Because if keeping your job and income aren’t enough incentive, WE’LL STARVE YOUR CHILDREN”

        Sounds legit. I wonder what a man, who thought that he had NOTHING to lose, might do?

        Small aircraft into Dallas IRS office?

        Something more, oh, I don’t know, medieval? Kinda, oh, 7th century?

        Might wanna take some time, to consider potential consequences of this sort of initiative.

        Before ya go all “Karen Totalitarian”, home boy.

        Jes’sayin’. (Note: incoming message for Bobby Bureaucrat)

  2. If TPTB would only be honest with us…(yeah, I believe in unicorns, too), they could point out that the “flu shot” we’re hectored to get every fall isn’t a vaccine, either. Its only purpose is to reduce the number of people you spread it to when you catch the flu and…key point..,you HAVE SYMPTOMS. I strongly suspect we eventually will be told that is all that the Covid “vaccines” do, as well. Otherwise, the “booster” idea is patent nonsense.

    Another key fact: Deaths are lower with the John Belushi Variant (Delta, get it?) because that’s what ALWAYS HAPPENS WITH A FLU VIRUS. Sorry for shouting. But it’s the one point that explains everything about the data on Covid. It’s acting just like every other respiratory virus known to Man. It causes surges in infection which are largely seasonal, and each surge causes less death and serious illness than the last, until a sort of equilibrium is reached. Viruses mutate to become less lethal and more virulent. If they kill their hosts they can’t replicate. They evolve, if you will, to survive. You’d think all the adherents to the Religion of Darwinism (which includes virtually all the MSM and “public health” geeks) would get that, but they either don’t or they just refuse to admit it. Every “new variant” is supposed to be Captain Trips, when each is in reality less severe than its predecessors.

    I want to see a list of the stock holdings of Fauci and every other “public health” bureaucrat flapping his or her gums on TV about this virus. I’ll be surprised if they don’t all own a bunch of Big Pharma shares.

  3. The measles vax has a long track track of safety – ie, the risk/benefit ratio is tiny — little risk, great benefit. Big difference with the mRNA injections which are still experimental. The reason why vaccines take so long to be approved is that the only way to determine if there is/are long term side-effects, is to monitor volunteers for 5-10 years.

    Criticizing someone for not taking the vaccine (who is in good health etc) is criticizing someone for not entering a human medical experiment.

    Who should volunteer? People that want to… those that are high risk where there may be more benefit to gain while the risk remains the same.

    Who should avoid it? People that want to avoid it.

    And if you say follow the science, well, there are stats for everything. And it is the CDC, NIH, and etc for ruining there reputations as ‘pillars of truth’.

    1. I largely agree. But I would observe that one reason medical products take long to be approved is that the FDA is in the business of dragging stuff out as much as they can get away with.

    2. My understanding from independent sources:

      Another reason vaccines take so long to be approved is because the FDA’s rules require AT LEAST two years of data on efficacy over time, adverse events, etc., before it can be considered.

      Additionally, the normal threshold for safety is 25 “adverse event” deaths. And they’ve pulled drugs from the testing and approval process for that and less.

      The COVID-19 vaccine has less than 13 months of data (and the FDA is only publicly reporting on 6 months of it), and over 9,000 “adverse event” deaths recorded. By the FDA’s own rules, it cannot be approved, for multiple reasons.

      And yet, here we are….

      Yes, you can find “science” that agrees with whatever position you espouse. But I maintain, anything that is as universally helpful as these “vaccines” are being proclaimed to be, doesn’t have to be pushed or mandated as hard as they are. That by itself is a HUGE red flag.

      If someone isn’t bothered by that, or if their personal calculus determines they should get the shots, they should get the shots. But if someone’s personal calculus determines the shots carry more risks than benefits, they should be allowed to refuse. Ditto if they have philosophical, moral, or religious reasons to refuse, or medical reasons that make the shots more dangerous for them than it is for normal people. That’s called personal freedom, and once we built a nation based on that.

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