The very first and most important thing to remember is that many things can be true at once and not be mutually exclusive.

In no particular order:

It is absolutely wrong for Russia to invade Ukraine.

There is a long history of Russian oppression of Ukraine under the Soviet Union, not the least of which was Stalin’s genocide of Ukrainians through and engineered famine called the Holodomor.  Consequently, there is lots of bad blood between the Ukrainian people and Russia.

There are regions of Ukraine that are ethically and linguistically majority Russian that want independence from Ukraine.  That is a matter for international peace negotiation, not justification for Russian invasion.

Members of the Ukrainian government and national oil company did bribe Hunter Biden with a make work job for $50,000 per month.

That occurred under the previous Ukrainian administration.  The current president of Ukraine is new and took office in May of 2019 after Hunter left Burisma, and the current president has worked to clean up the corruption of the previous administration.

Despite the immoral act of Russia invading Ukraine, the US should not get involved militarily.  Our military just suffered a defeat in Afghanistan after 20 years if war.  We are demoralized and need to sit this one out.  Not to mention the risk of fighting an enemy that has nuclear weapons.

The entire Russian collusion/Trump is a Putin Puppet thing was a fabrication of the Hillary Clinton campaign to undermine Trump, justify spying on his campaign, and ultimately explain why she lost an election she thought she was entitled to win.

Many Democrats bought that bullshit fully as dogma and it has metastasized into “the GOP are Russian assets” or some equivalent thereof.

Trump’s policies, including US energy independence, were effective in holding back Russia while Obama and Biden’s policies resulted in Russian aggression towards their neighbors on both their administrations.

I fully believe that the only reason people on the Left are supporting Ukraine is that they have been reflexively trained to associate Russia with Trump and they hate Trump that much so ergo they hate Russia.

In a just and sane world everyone involved in spreading the fake Russian collusion story for four years should be forced to face the ditch for the damage that story did to this country.

Just because current Democrats have accidentally landed on the right answer of “Russia should not invade Ukraine” doesn’t mean they landed on it for the right reason or that their moral compass is properly functioning.

The Democrats who had landed on “Russia should not invade Ukraine” are about to destroy any good will or credibility they have as they are starting to use Ukraine as a cudgel to bash Americans.

You can be a patriotic American who cheers on Ukrainians defending themselves from Russia and not wanted to Americans to be sent to Ukraine to fight.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Just a few points on the Ukrainian situation”
  1. “Just because current Democrats have accidentally landed on the right answer of “Russia should not invade Ukraine” doesn’t mean they landed on it for the right reason or that their moral compass is properly functioning.”

    I thought that for democrats Black Lives Mattered…

    Knowing a thing or two about Azov battalion role in 2014 Odessa events from relatives there, I am not surprised, that Nigerians are having problems on the Ukranian/Polish border

  2. Been thinking on this today.
    Justin Trudeau is a professional politician.
    F. Joe Biden is a professional politician.
    Vladimir Putin is a professional politician.
    Volodymyr Zelensky is a Ukrainian Comedian turned President.
    He instinctively knew what his country needs, a show of bravado and determination.
    Putin was so sure Ukraine was going to collapse. So far it has not.
    Maybe Zelensky has something to do with that?

  3. But the propaganda machines on both sides go BRRRRR.
    I guess that’s the one thing in war that never changes: the truth dies first.

    They even staged shots of panicking people running away from something.

    I guess we have to wait and see what really is happening.

    (Of course, the Russians invaded, no denying that. But the Ukrainian side is not as clear cut as some may want to believe.)

  4. I would like to suggest that our military did not suffer a defeat in AFG. With about 2,500 troops, things were more peaceful there than an average weekend in Chicago. The rug was pulled out from under them by Brandon & Co..

    1. Like Vietnam, we won battles in the field and lost battles at home in the propaganda. The way we left will overshadow all the sacrifice and hard work that was put in over the past 20 years. Image is everything. Reality is what we say it is. That’s the world we live in. Also, blame it on Trump. Regardless of who’s in the White House.

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