Rebeka Jones being detained
Rebeka Jones being detained during police raid. 2020-12-07

Rebeka Jones made the news because she was a “data portal administrator” who claimed that DeSantis was forcing her to publish false covid numbers. Her claim was bogus from the start and almost anybody that works with these sorts of data portals knows it.

The gist of what she her office was doing was receiving daily data dumps from the state and then uploading that data into a public facing portal. By having this two step process the state could make sure that no Personally Identifying Data (PID) could be released to the public accidently as there was an “air gap” between PID and the public facing portal.

Rebeka claimed she was being forced to modify the data. This is bogus on the face because she would have had to make the exact same modifications to each data upload and her portal was not an official source. No matter what changes she made or how often she made them, the original data would be unchanged. I.e. she did not have the power to do what she claimed she was being told to do.

She is currently running for congress as a Democrat. Being a person of good moral character and able to understand the rules plus knowing what she has the power to do, she fucked up.

Yep, she failed to register as a Democrat before the deadline. Thus a north Florida judge ruled that she is not eligible for this months Democrat primary.

We hope that Ms. Jones continues to make the same quality of choices alleviating the need for people to actually care about her or her opinions.

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