“Kavanaugh cannot be confirmed. He gets angry.”

This is one of the accusations I kept seeing online yesterday.  Of course, if he had remained calm, he would have been called unfit because no normal individual would have gotten angry at the increased attacks on him and his family. Catch-22 is the Left’s favorite game.

Now, please enjoy the irony of the statement that comes from the crowd that invented micro-aggressions, safe spaces and the whole slew of scaredy-cat modern living.  The same people who go into a fit of rage when they see somebody wearing a red cap or hit somebody over the head with a bike lock because you dared to march for something you believe in.

The face of the “Calm and reasoned” Left.

3 Replies to ““Kavanaugh cannot be confirmed. He gets angry.””

  1. He’ll be confirmed. I already came across an article that asks “What happens next?” The left had a plan to disrupt no matter who Trump nominated. Surely they have one in place should his nominee get confirmed.

    I really think this all might have been a good thing. This has galvanized Republicans; even many independent voters see how insane the left have gotten. If they get even crazier once he’s in, I predict the “blue wave” they are talking about never washes ashore.

    1. The left seems to be hoping this will cause women to vote their way. I hope it does the opposite. I hope that mothers and sisters think of the risk to their brothers and sons and husbands, if these new left wing assassinations are allowed to happen again.

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