I saw this on the YouTube.

Barely 20 seconds into the video the cop with the body camera shoots the suspect center of mass with one shot at near point blank range.

The guy goes down and comes back up.

The story doesn’t end there.

Police: Two officers injured in officer-involved shooting in East Cleveland

Authorities say one shot was fired by one of the officers, which struck the suspect. The suspect continued to charge at the officers until he was finally taken into custody.

BCI said the suspect had a gun which was recovered at the scene.

The officers suffered non-life threatening injuries, BCI said. One officer suffered a fractured orbital bone and the other officer suffered a fracture to their hand. Both were treated at University Hospitals and have been released.

Two officers ended up with skull fractures after the guy took a bullet.

I’ve covered before just how bad head trauma and TBIs can be.

I know that cops play by different rules, they have to try and apprehend the person.  You don’t.

All I can say when I see something like this, from a CCW perspective, is:

Keep fucking shooting.  

Shoot until the guy who wants to crack open your skull has stopped moving.

But why take my word on this.  I will leave you, once again, with Clint Smith giving his opinion on the matter.



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By J. Kb

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