Here is security camera footage of two of the shootings (graphic warning).


Brace for the media to blame loose gun laws from out of state.  Not a culture of criminality that makes riding around on a scooter and shootings at random people a fun hobby on a Saturday afternoon.

There is a lesson to be learned here.

It’s of vital importance to maintain situational awareness.

Miguel will absolutely confirm this for me, people who are familiar with Central and South America do not fucking trust scooter riders at all.

Keeping up your situational awareness, noticing that someone, especially on a scooter, is approaching you while slowing down, is a sign something might about to go horribly wrong (usually a robbery).

I’m not victim blaming, but at least one or two of these victims could have had a chance to assess the situation and run.

One of the many grievances I have with NYC is the culture of “stay in your own world and avoid acknowledging other people” is the opposite of situational awareness.

Keep your head on a swivel.

Stay out of NYC.

And that city should be walled off and isolated.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Keep your head on a swivel in public, also NYC is a hell hole”
  1. But he used to dress up like Tony Danza and entertain people in the subways!

    Want to bet he’s a “known wolf”?

  2. So much to digest here.
    What upbringing did the shooter have that other human beings became nothing more than video game targets? How emotionally empty is this person? Even if this was politically motivated (terrorism/fighting back against a “…ism” whatever.) there must be zero human empathy in this person.
    Add to that, the “It is damned near impossible to get a gun in NYC” plus, this shooter was a decent shot. Hitting a moving target from a moving target is not easy for the experienced. So… where did they get their practice?
    Finally, why? Seriously, just why go around shooting at people for… what reason? I have heard about gang initiations, etc… but most of those stories have turned out to be false, or extreme exaggerations. “Go kill people randomly and you are in the gang.” is not something a gang that wants to avoid unnecessary police attention does.
    And, I agree totally. The living in a big city attitude is “I see nothing, I hear nothing. The only thing that I need to pay attention to is where I am going.”

  3. What, not an “illegally-carried” handgun, but an illegal scooter?

    When scooters are outlawed, only outlaws will have scooters.

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