This is a follow up post to a previous post: Why I support shooting unarmed attackers.

A judge reduced the bond of the purse snatcher who paralyzed a woman in an attack.

Houston teen accused of paralyzing woman in ‘jugging’ robbery has bond cut in half

A Houston teen has been accused of slamming a mother of three into the ground during a “jugging” robbery that left the victim paralyzed — and he appeared this week in court, where he had his bond slashed in half to $100,000.

Joseph Harrell, 17, was ordered held last week on $200,000 bond following the harrowing, caught-on-camera Feb. 13 attack that left Nhung Truong unable to walk, Fox News reported.

Prosecutors had asked for the $200,000 bond because he had just been released on a $100 bond on Jan. 26 on an unlawful carrying of a weapon charge.

But his court-appointed attorney argued Wednesday to have his bond reduced to $100,000, saying his family could not afford to spring him.

In addition to the counts for aggravated robbery and unlawful carrying of a weapon, Harrell is facing a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon stemming from another incident on Feb. 25.

During that incident, Harrell and at least one other suspect allegedly stole a woman’s purse as she was leaving a business in southeast Houston. 

This piece of shit targets women, especially Asian women, to rob beat them up and rob them.

He was arrested on an illegal possession of a gun charge and was let out and now they cut his bond in half.

In recorded jail calls, he clearly has no remorse.


The law will not protect women in Houston.  He will not stop until a victim stops him.

The lesson is to take your self defense seriously.

Nobody is coming, prepare to defend yourself.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Ladies, get a carry permit and arm yourselves – a follow up”
  1. How about we switch from “no bail” means “get out of jail for free” to “you stay in jail until your trial,” and reform the court system so cases with very clear evidence are much more rapidly heard. (Right to a speedy trial, etc.) That’s bail and court reform I could get behind.

  2. Texas (imo) is in trouble…. Massive movement of kalifornia liberals into that state and thier views is poisoning the state… every state seems to have these pussy judges and “prosecutors” soft on the “poor criminal” and not giving a rats azz for citizens.. reforms on courts is a pipe dream until We the People get control of America back…

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