So, was her daughter’s boyfriend not wearing a mask and that is why he caught the Chink Flu? If so, why isn’t she ranting against him. And if he was wearing the mask and still tested positive, wouldn’t that be evidence that the mask she want everybody to wear simply do not work?

Do notice that nobody is sick, the boyfriend simply tested positive. But she hates everybody unmasked. Yup, makes all the sense in the world and even the moon.

You gotta love the free actors of the Covid Theater of Horror.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

12 thoughts on “Lady loses her caca about people not wearing masks.”
  1. Such compassion. I’m sure she’s a trained virologist who understands everything COVID. No facts.

    They want us dead

  2. Don’t mince words, deary. Also, a great endorsement for masking.

    (She did start slowly, but did wind it up.)

    Bless her heart.

  3. You might consider modifying your use of our language. I was taught that “man” and “woman” are matters of biology, and “lady” and “gentleman” are matters of behavior. She might be a woman, but she’s no lady.


  4. She claims that her daughter’s baby daddy was wearing a mask and was the only person out of the hundreds in his workplace to do so… Let’s be charitable and assume this is true. A couple of follow-ups:

    • Was daughter’s baby daddy wearing his mask properly?
    • Was daughter’s baby daddy vaccinated?
    • Was daughter’s baby daddy tested positive for the SARS-COVID-2 outbreak of 2019 virus or one of the many, many, many other members of the coronaviridae family?
    • Was daughter’s baby daddy caused any long term harm by the virus?
    • Was daughter vaccinated?

    Answering these questions would require facts and an objective assessment of those facts, which would probably mean less “likes” and “re-tweets.”

    1. Ish: another question: If the answer to *ALL your questions is “yes”, did baby daddy keep his fooking bugger hooks off his fooking face, all the time, without fail?

      Because, after (mumble, mumble, carry the ‘nought, eleventy divided by zero, equals…) 46 years in the sick people business, perhaps I have some, small understanding of the subject. And, bugger hooks are the most common means of transmission of, well, nearly anything transmissible.

  5. He’s the only person at his work that is wearing a mask…

    BULLSHIT! Not a chance. No way. Impossible. Not a fact in any way.
    Sorry, I don’t believe it.

    In any group of 300, anywhere on the planet these days, there is at least 20% that will mask up (my observation) typically more like 40%. So out of his group of 300 people that means a minimum of 60 mask up.

    And, this woman is obviously one of those idiots that thinks there is no difference between testing positive and being sick. Got a friend like that, and there is no talking to him about it. Positive case means sick, end of story. People like this are petitioning the government for more mandates, more vaccination requirements, etc… etc… etc…

    Final item. We need more of this:

  6. Myself, I am verging on “FOAD” as my response to these folks.

    So, discretion being a virtue, I typically ask, ” What is a case? And, where did you discover this definition?”, Before smiling and walking away.

    1. Right, but unlike CCP virus, TB was never adopted by the Democratic party as a partisan electoral political tool.

  7. If the baby daddy sees that vid, and doesn’t bail the f out yesterday, he’s in deep shit. Right now, he’s on the hook for 18 years of child support. 5 years from now, he might need surgery to reattach certain body parts.

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