Mr. SIGraybeard made a comment on my post about #secondcivilwarletters.

I was going to respond but decided to make a post out of it instead.

He says:

I take the opposite tack: I think the left is already fighting the civil war and guys like you and me aren’t. “It hasn’t gone hot yet”? No Shooting? What about the attack on the Republican baseball team? What about Antifa’s riots everywhere?

Not exactly the same thing, but those protestors throwing spittle in Pam Bondi’s face, and taunting her boyfriend in an effort to get one of them to hit a protester are doing their best to make it look like the evil right wingers started the fighting.

They’re fighting, we’re getting ready to see when the fighting starts.

I think this is a perfect example of the “reservation of concealed carry.”

Many who do carry understand why it is bad idea to get into a screaming match.  Screaming can turn into shoving, shoving can turn into taking a swing, taking a swing can turn into a shooting.

The best course of action is just to walk away.

Sure, there are less lethal options but the standard of use for those is the same as a gun.  If you just spray someone in the face with Mace for screaming at you, congratulations, you just committed felony assault.

Once the weapon comes out it’s all or nothing, so prudence dictates that we err heavily on the side of nothing.

These people with Antifa or the radial protesters who are screaming and spitting in the face of Trump supporters or cabinet members are acting like savages.  Namely, they are mistaking our self control for cowardice.

They think they can get away with this because we refuse to fight back.

The thing is, on our side (for the most part) there is no sliding scale of fighting back.

For us it is binary:

0 – walk away
1 – kill

I’m not going to spit in your face and shove you because you spit in my face and shoved me.  I’m going to walk away.  If I am pushed to the fighting back point, what is going into your face is not spittle but a 230 gr JHP.  And I will make damn sure that when it happens, I am legally justified in doing it.

Right now I feel like a large percent of us are in an uncomfortable holding position.

We don’t like the increasingly violent antics of these October Revolution LARPers, but we’re not yet justified in killing them yet.

All we can do is walk away or stand there and take it, while saying “stop this now because you won’t like me when I’m angry.”

They are going to drag this shit out as long as they can because they assume us not punching back means we’re a bunch of pussies.

I have a feeling that soon enough, a group of Antifa are going to get on a bus and head down to some Trump stronghold and try to pull a kristallnacht, and that’s when the guns come out.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “LARPing and ACW2”
  1. I think we’re in complete agreement. In my case, I’ll add that saying, “beware the old guy. He’s too old to take a beating, so he’ll just kill you”.

    I’m a few months away from Medicare. Less than 10 years ago, I was cycling 100 miles on weekends, lifting weights and more. Now I don’t. Unless the leftist goon is in a wheelchair, he’s gonna beat my ass and I’m going to end up like Zimmerman getting my head pounded on the concrete – and even if he is in a wheelchair I’m not taking odds it won’t end up the same way. So once the fists start flying, the lead will follow pretty quickly.

    1. Correct.
      About spittle — the trouble is that you don’t know how poisonous it is. Consider all the robberies committed with a syringe. If someone spits in your face, you’ll probably survive. But the odds are less than 100%. And since you were the victim of assault, you have the moral right to self-defense with effective tools. The fact that the law may not recognize this is a defect in the law. Yes, it does mean that you will want to be more reticent in your response so long as those defects remain in place.

  2. It’s more like, the Left THINKS they’re fighting, because like everything else in the world, they don’t know what real fighting is.

    They see beloved icons of the Left like Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama “fighting” by bravely posting Twitter hashtags (#BringBackOurGirls, anyone?). They see David Hogg “fighting” by going on a secret (and probably well-guarded — by men with guns) bus tour and giving whiny, expletive-riddled speeches. They see college students “fighting” by courageously shouting down speakers they don’t agree with.

    If screaming and risking emotional harm is “fighting”, then spitting is “fighting hard”.

    The trouble is, that’s not fighting. They haven’t yet learned that fighting doesn’t risk harmed feelings, but results in harmed bodies. They don’t understand that “blood in the streets” is more than a cute soundbite. I seriously doubt they have the intestinal fortitude for it.

    We do, on all counts. And we understand that once the real fighting starts, the consequences will be terrible and there’s no going back.

    That’s why our side won’t initiate it. But we are ready at any time — if it becomes necessary and unavoidable — to finish it.

    The Left has not yet figured out that our patience and forbearance are like our locked front doors — they exist not just to protect us from them, but also to protect them from us.

    I pray they realize these simple facts in time to avert a disaster.

    1. Their fascist goons have been swinging bike locks at peoples’ heads. THEY know what physical harm means — if not receiving it.

  3. “The Left has not yet figured out that our patience and forbearance are like our locked front doors — they exist not just to protect us from them, but also to protect them from us.”

    Reminds me of an old partner I had Back In The Day, on Un-Named Big City’s EMS. He wore a creased, pressed uniform, complete with traditional necktie. I suggested that some malefactor might grasp that tie, and initiate a physical encounter.

    He (my partner) grinned, a truly feral grin, and observed, “Well, that just gives me the excuse to do, what I wanna do, anyway!”

    “…(locked) to protect them, from us”, indeed!

  4. “America is at an awkward stage: it’s too late to work within the system, and too soon to shoot the bastards.”

    – Claire Wolfe, “101 things to do on the way to the revolution”

    And as noted, do not mistake our self-control for cowardice or unwillingness to fight.

  5. I will be a whimp until such time that I decide to “flip the switch” and then it is game on.

    Want to be shot by me? Attack me or my family. Hurt a neighbor or a lady. Swing a bike lock. Ignite a Molotov cocktail. All are justifications for lethal force.

    1. All are moral justifications, yes. Whether they are legal justification depends on whether you live in a civilized state. As another article in this blog reports, CT is not a civilized state, for example. NH is, at least as I understand the applicable law.

  6. JKB,
    I’m in complete agreement, but I would say we must go a little farther. We need to be extremely circumspect and above reproach. There can be no gray area that the leftist news media can twist to make us look bad. It has to be obvious to the most casual observer that the defendant was completely within their rights, and that they were pushed far beyond what anyone should be made to bear. Then, and only then, can a self-defense case hold up in the harsh light of public scrutiny. Look what happened to Zimmerman, even though he was attacked and enduring a beat down. If not for the enormous outlay of cash for the defense and the expert witnesses, Zimmerman might be in jail today. Just shouting “I’m completely within my rights!” is not going to be good enough. It has to be iron-clad and rock solid. Unfortunate, and not fair, but that’s the way it is — at this point in time.

    1. Trying to avoid gray areas the enemy can twist is a pointless exercise. They will twist your actions no matter what you do. Even if every sane person knows you were exactly justified, and the letter and spirit of the law are 100% on your side, the enemy will call you a racist white supremacist antisemite anyway.

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