I have used this quote many times before: “Crime will expand according to our willingness to put up with it.”

It seems that in New York City, the anti-Cop attitude of the far Left – including that of Mayor Bill de Blasio himself – has hamstrung the NYPD into being totally unable to defend themselves.

In two separate incidents NYPD officers where doused with buckets of water and had objects thrown at them.  In once case, a bucket was thrown at the officer and it hit one of them in the head.



The police in each case did not seem to do anything to stop the people harassing and assaulting them while they were doing their jobs.

This, as we have seen in places like Portland, will only make the anti-cop actions more aggressive next time.

Instead of buckets of water, it might be bottles or bricks or caustic chemicals.

These people have proven that the police cannot control the scene.

I would speculate that is because the police are more afraid of lawsuits or administrative punishments for tackling and arresting some teenager for throwing a bucket of water than they are getting pelted by thrown objects.

The question is, how long until the NYPD give up entirely?  Why should anyone want to be NYPD at this point?  Clearly, most of the population of the city as well as the city government hates them.  The job gets more dangerous by the day because the local politicians undermine them.

My suggestion is they should all just quit, and let the city descend into chaos.  Let the wealthy few pay for all the private security they can afford and let the rest of the city turn into the set of a John Carpenter movie.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Lawlessness in the Big Apple”
    1. Yep. Like Baltimore, Chiraq, Oakland and other progtard “utopias.”

      The people running these cities will only care when it affects them personally and directly. Otherwise, they can’t be bothered to give a rat’s patootie about the plight of the citizens.

      1. Actually, that is part of the problem right there.

        Those that have options will exercise them. Long before the people running the city get impacted by the criminal activity, the people with the opportunity to move will do so. And, they bring their leftist ideals with them. Net result, Colorado becomes a leftist hellhole, soon to be followed by Montana.

  1. Police do not really do much more than clean up after the fact anyway. Living in the suburbs, or a rural area, one hardly ever encounters the police. They could be 10-15 minutes away in case of emergency, or more. I can go a week or more without seeing a patrol car. Last time I saw a cop it was 600 miles away in Georgia handing out traffic tickets.

    Reality check: Does anyone rally think that the difference in crime between neighborhoods in NYC and Chicago is because of police? Heck no, police are just overpaid social janitors.

    Take away the police, the suburbs and rural areas wont change much. Take away the police, Manhattan might be looted. But only because the shop owners and populace are disarmed. I know this will shock the entire NYPD from top to bottom: individuals can pretty well protect their property and life if we legalized the constitution in NY. If I hear about a mugging, I don’t think “more police” I think, why are carry permits so hard to get in NYC?

    The only reason people are afraid of a world without police is that they have succumbed to the illusion that the police have a duty to protect, the only ones who can, and elites have conveniently disarmed people to foster than illusion.

  2. Nashville’s Mayor and District Attorney decided to prosecute a police officer for manslaughter after he shot a guy who ran from a car during a traffic stop and pointed a gun at the officer.
    This is all on video, and they decided to prosecute anyway.
    Oddly enough, year over year traffic ticket revenue is down about a million dollars, 10% of the police force has quit, and they’re having a hard time finding new officers.

  3. Funny how the result of Qualified Immunity has the opposite effect.

    Without QI, bad cops would have been successfully prosecuted.

    With bad cops being served justice, the police wouldn’t been seen as the enemy they are today.

    With police not being seen as the enemy, they would be much better protected.

    (Too be fair, its also the war on drugs which has not helped cops).

  4. Yes, it is time to do the remake of “Escape from New York” for real. We make it an official sanctuary city and “deport” all criminals to it.

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