Iron Dome is 100% defensive.  It doesn’t kill Palestinians.  It protects all Israelis, regardless of race or religion from Hamas rockets.

The only reason to defund it is because they want to see more rockets land on civilians in Israel and kill more Israeli children.

Just like FDR and the St. Louis, the Left will use every chance they have to send Jewish children to their deaths.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Leftists love dead Jewish children”
  1. Israel does need to develop some self-sufficiency when it comes to their defenses.

    That being said, Democrats are addicted to backstabbing people, and once again prove they are no one’s ally.

    1. I was thinking that, too. Iron Dome has been in place for … what … 10 years?

      And Israel — arguably the most technologically advanced nation in the region, if not the world — still isn’t re-arming it herself?

      It just proves an old point: Wars often aren’t decided by power or skill in battle; they’re decided by logistics. (Alternatively, “Amateurs think tactically, professionals think logistically.”) The fanciest and most-effective weapon or defensive system on the planet is worthless if you can’t keep it stocked and supplied.

  2. Well, they certainly love dead children — they want that billion to pay “doctors” to kill babies.

  3. Last little “war” with Gaza?

    Hamas and Islamic Jihad declared victory when they killed 13 Israelis.
    Hamas and company killed 91 Palestinians with their own rockets to do it.
    They even killed 15 Palestinians in Gaza before Israel’s Air Force dropped their first bomb on Gaza.

  4. I think you have it wrong. The left and the democrats don’t want more dead Jewish children’; they want literally every single solitary Jewish child in Israel dead. Every. Single. One. Along with the parents of every single solitary Jewish child in Israel. Because what they really want is the complete and total extermination of the entire Jewish population ​of Israel.

    In fact I bet the democrats would love give the nukes to hamas to do it or even better deploy the nukes themselves.

  5. Certainly the Israelis have options if they can’t keep Iron Dome going. The Hama solution is one. If it was good enough for the Syrian government, it should be ok for them too, right? 🙂

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