California colleges banned the Pledge of Allegiance because of “white nationalism.”

So has a city in Minnesota.

Halfway around the world, the people of Hong Kong are flying American flags and singing the Star-Spangled Banner in protest against the ChiComs.

There is more pro-American patriotism in the former British colony of Hong Kong than there is in the Democrat party.

Considering how much American Democrats love heavy-handed, anti-gun, totalitarian statism, I say we propose a trade.

We’ll give China our coastal Democrats and we’ll take the population of Hong Kong off their hands.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Let’s make a trade”
  1. Hard-working capitalists who have reason to hate communism in exchange for credentialed know-nothings who dream of being totalitarians?

    The Chinese wouldn’t take it because they’d clearly come out poorer.

  2. J,Kb,

    That city in Minnesota that wanted to do away with the pledge? It’s Saint Louis Park. Part of Ilhan Omar’s Fifth District. Also the center of the Jewish community in MN. They are proud donors and supporters of the Minnesota Democrat-Farmer-Labor Party; and helped Congresswoman Omar to a 78%-21% victory over her Republican rival.

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