Let’s not be petty about the New York Daily News firings, shall we?

OK, so I failed too. Schadenfreude is intense.

I never understood why journalists thought themselves above the toils of other workers. They believe they have the right to produce a product that nobody will buy and get paid handsomely for it. They believe they can lie and insult the customer base every single day and demand health care coverage a 3 weeks vacation. They are the perfect Socialists if you think about it: It does not matter what they do, they must get an income.

But when the time comes that the owner is forced to adjust the monetary hemorrhage because the abused customers simply refuse to buy his product, the journalists are surprised that the infamous “real life” comes knocking at their cubicles and tells them to pack their stuff and get the flock out.

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And why we are not sharing the sad? In fact why we are gloating? You treated us like crap, you insulted us for years, made fun of our beliefs, called us names, falsely accused us of unimaginably crimes we never committed and not just to sell the product you were hired to, but to satisfy your political egomania and be part of the Cool Kids Left Wing Club.

So screw you.  I hear Chick-fil-A is hiring, you may want to update your resume for that.


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  1. Schadenboner alert. 😉

    Get-Woke-Go-Broke indeed. Harsh lesson but I doubt they learned anything. Wouldn’t surprise me to see most if not all of these “journalists” continue to spill their lies and vitriol elsewhere.

  2. Years ago I was a subscriber to the NY Daily News. Everyone in my family, going back to before I was old enough to remember, bought that paper DAILY. We used to get both NY papers delivered – they were fixtures at my office. Before there was even Sports Phone – where one would drop coins into a pay phone to get the West Coast baseball scores, since these did not make the morning paper – box scores were consumed DAILY, via the NY Daily News.

    My grandparents would have it around so a visit there always included a read.

    Sunday meant Dondi. I still have some old NY Daily News copies in storage somewhere, with front – and sports back page headlines covering big stories. As in when a big story meant, say “man on the moon”, not some leftist garbage-of-the-day.

    I remember when that pencil-necked geek Mike Lupica was a <<>>> columnist.

    So fast forward – it all started IIRC, when Lupica began sucking Obama’s ass. Downhill, hard, from there. I cannot think of ANYONE in my family that gets this paper. Not present at my office. Have not looked at their web page in YEARS.

    The only contact I have is to walk by the rack at the local super market and take notice that the once thick (and presumably mighty) paper now looks like a pathetic, 16 page pamphlet. And as it has receded, it has become more <<<>>> wierd and unhinged.

    A good lesson, maybe someday a business school case study in “losing sight of the core mission” for a business.

      1. And the Orlando Slantinel, and the Tampa Bay Tribune, and the Orlando Weekly, and the Jacksonville Florida Times, and the Sun Slantinel, and the Tampa Bay Times, and the Tallahassee DemonKKKrat, and basically any “news” rag that is published from the large progtard enclaves in Floriduh.

  3. It’s the constant referencing to the Media as “the fourth estate.” It’s the image of Woodward and Bernsetin uncovering corruption. It is Clark Kent pressing for the honest story while being superman.

    They have a sense of entitlement, like each and every one of them is saving the nation rather than be a shit peddler of unverified gossip and opinion.

    It’s similar to the “I’m a doctor, I save lives, I am a god” syndrome that some MD’s have.

    You even see this with the “I’m a veteran so my opinion on X is more important.”

    Aggrandizement of a vocation is nothing new. Kings, knights, emperors, and samurai all had it. In America, with no titles of nobility, we get to choose our own careers and I think some people who are filled with self importance gravitate to aggrandized careers.

    When reality smashes into their bank accounts, it’s entertaining to us great unwashed masses.


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