This is going to go on all day as anti-Trumpers and moderate normies who hated Trump discover that Biden is happy to violate the Constitution if nobody is there to stop him.

Hard lessons being learned today.

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By J. Kb

18 thoughts on “Lots of people are learning a hard lesson today about President Biden’s opinion of the Constitution”
  1. I am old enough to remember the 2020 Presidential debates. One candidate made it clear that governing via executive order made you a tyrant. I am pretty sure that knowingly ignoring the Constitution makes you a tyrant as well.

    But, hey! No mean tweets.

  2. I don’t think this is a “hard lesson.”

    To me, that term involves some sort of consequence for the learner. Touching a red-hot stove eye is a hard lesson. Buying a house you cannot afford and losing it in a foreclosure is a hard lesson. Voting for the guy who wants to shut down domestic oil production because he also wants to give you free stuff and then paying $6/gal while not getting any of the free stuff he promised is a hard lesson.

    This is pundits noticing that a politician is doing something he’s not allowed to do to people that they will never meet. I mean I’m sure that there are a couple who are also landlords but I would be honestly shocked if any of them are actually affected by this.

    Jonah will probably write another book about it and make money off this.

    Turley will get some time on CNN or MSNBC or whatever to talk about how outrageous it is, then go cash his check for his appearance.

    The guy who spent 20 years building a rental portfolio of 10 houses, with mortgages on 8 of them and renters that haven’t paid anything in 18 months, is the one who will suffer here.

  3. And when all those guys get their properties foreclosed on which are then bought up by mega-conglomerates, creating more billioniaires,and the people get kicked out anyway, the wokes will blame capitalism.

    1. So, let’s say I am a landlord. Last tenant leaves a mess, we keep all of the the security deposit to pay for the repairs for the damages. They want to take us to court citing some very sketchy case law. What is my bigger loss here? the security deposit or the going to court, at least one day? They get their deposit back and I am out. I wish I was out of the rental game, so I sell. Big corp (who has homes in the 10s of thousands) has lawyers on retainer. They are paid to know all this stuff and go to court. Just like fighting City Hall, the advantage now swings to the rich guy, and not the “rich” guy that scrimped and saved and had two mortgages and sweat into a rental for a possible future earnings, who has no power over policy or politicians. But a RICH guy that can own or rent a politician and whose people write the policy for the politicians. Guess what, now things are even worse for the tenants because they cannot pull this stuff, and will get evicted in a flash. Good job everyone, you have ruined it for all.

  4. ,”Hard lessons” presumes the ability to learn.

    An assertion of fact, not presently supported by the evidence at hand.

  5. What will Chief Justice John Roberts do?

    That will tell you how this CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS will be resolved.

    What needs to be resolved? Whether SCOTUS and the US Court System are still Equal Independent Powers under the US Constitution. Or is SCOTUS just a debating society that can be ignored by the Exective.Branch when convenient?

    Chief Justice Roberts has to call the Court back into session this week, or admit that his “deep concerns” about the power and legitimacy of SCOTUS he expressed as he ducked hard decisions and even changed his vote are absolute BS. He will confirm he is a pusillanimous failure.

    Chief Justice John Roberts will DESTROY SCOTUS if he does not act.

    Minority Leaders McConnell and McCarthy both better get off their butts and start screaming loud and hard, or the Congress will soon be neutered like the US Court System.

  6. With the way the country is being flooded with new undocumented voters they could care less about what we think.

  7. Seems most everyone here has it down. What hard lesson?
    Sure, quality of life will degrade, but those mostly affected will simply be told it’s someone else’s fault, and they’ll believe it because it came from the tv. A few might get it, but the majority will never connect the dots.

  8. has. everyone who said “vote blue no matter who” I saw this is the sound of chickens coming home to roost.

  9. When I first read Bidden’s comments I didn’t really believe it meant what is sounded like it meant. I thought I must be skimming too lightly.

    But I guess I wasn’t.

    Slippery slope is picking up speed, it’s gonna look like Olympic ski jumping soon.

    If you’re not already pulling in and cutting back, and building up your stacks of stuff, it’s past time to get started.


  10. Yawn. This is supposed to be shocking and new and never seen before?

    lol ok. At least, hopefully, all of these naive people are getting their eyes opened.

  11. I sold my duplex rental property to a private buyer a couple months ago. The market is/was good and I made a good return on my investment. I had to require one of the two tenants to vacate. There were no disputes; the tenant was not of one of the protected *classes*….

    You have NO idea how glad I am that it’s gone without any hassle. If we don’t turn out the socialists/communists/(the REAL) fascists in the next election by overwhelmingly huge margins – to overcome the inevitable voting FRAUD – we’re doomed. The rule of “law” will mean absolutely nothing to the underclasses and will be used against them/us for even more nefarious purposes.

    It is way past time to fight back. Ask your congresscritters, in a public setting, where they stand and insist on specific details exactly how they intend to vote when these issues come up. And run for school board.

  12. This is where the free press comes in. We no longer have one, we have the media wing of the Democratic Party. The Democrats have successfully put the Supreme Court in a hostage situation, first with their 20 years of hammering them on Bush v Gore and now threatening to pack the court. The Supreme Court is now just sitting in a corner trying to prove they’re not that bad.

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