Machete attack at a McDonalds in Formerly Great Britain

Open Borders and tight Gun Control are having the results we all figured it would have.

And let’s not forget to add to that recipe that Self Defense is not seen with good eyes in the British Isles lest you hurt the poor minority or socially underprivileged person who was just looking for some redeeming action to make his life worthwhile.

They are so screwed.

3 Replies to “Machete attack at a McDonalds in Formerly Great Britain”

  1. HOW can this happen?? Aren’t they cracking down on common folk buying even simple kitchen cutlery and workmen having tool of their trade knives? And they let the cultural invaders attack native innocents with MAJORLY big almost-swords?
    I have to agree, the people of the UK sooooo screwed.

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