Mag Envy.

I stole the whole thing from McThag.

Those of us whose gun-owning life straddles the Clinton Assault Weapon Ban have an… attitude about normal capacity magazines.

We accumulate them.

Lots of them.

We never ask, “do I need more?” because the answer is burned into our souls now.

YES! Buy them while you can.

Which leads to a situation where, even with a spreadsheet, I cannot honestly say how many magazines I have. Every time I think I’ve gotten a compete inventory, I find another stash.

I was done reading and I looked at what I thought it was a decent stash of magazines and felt… incomplete.

Spirit of JMB! Deliver me from Palmetto State Armory and their sale on D&H 30 round magazines for $6.99!

Damn you McThag!

17 Replies to “Mag Envy.”

    1. When Obozo went wholy & completely full anti-2A retard (tears and everything), I just kept buying mags and stashing them away into a large Rubbermaid tub. Lost count but still do that whenever I see them cheap at a gun show.
      Freaking tub weights more than my dog at this point. 😮

      “More!” indeed. 😉

  1. Well let me see, a basic combat load-out used to be 7, one in the rifle and 6 in pouches. So accounting for spares, and then a couple more for just in case, carry the 4, and then divide by 99 (common core math coming into play) – I guess the answer is: nunya – as in nunya business how many I have (or not) since I can neither confirm nor deny having any of them evil black rifles. YMMV of course.

  2. I spent my mag money on two new rifles. Now I need mags for the rifles. It’s in case I have company when SHTF, and they only have their daily carry with them.

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