President Trump signed a bumpstock ban as an executive order.

Governor DeSantis signed a Constitutional Carry bill in Florida.

Vivek is an unknown entity on this topic, beyond saying some shit are NRA.  He has no history to judge him by.  Except, Trump hasn’t attacked Vivek.

So, given all those facts, how is it that DeSantis is lagging in this poll?


Because the MAGA cult doesn’t give a fuck about facts, only what they hear while going balls deep on Trump.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “MAGA is a cult of personality and ignorance”
  1. The maga cult remember 1.40 a gallon gas..
    Politics is a giant circus orchestrated to make everyone confused and pissed off at every body else… i like Trump, I like Desantis…. Who ever wins the nomination is the one i will vote for. Again we will be forced to vote against someone rather than for someone. If we end up with a 3 way race the fukkin democrats will win and We the People will be fubar..

  2. Disappointing poll as I would expect that Tim’s subscribers would be more aware of DeSantis’ support for the RTKBA.

  3. I believe Trump won in 2016 because he was ‘not’ from the establishment, and because he defected the Democrat party to the Republican party. I for one, loved the fact that he ran over, I mean, Ran Over, the Republicans, who imho, deserved someone like Trump. So that one factor in what we are seeing in the polls.
    Second factor, anyone with half a brain knows something illegal occurred in 2020, and evidently, as appears is the case, there are a lot more people looking for revenge than I would have thought there would be. And the more the leftist Democrat criminal elites drum up charges, which every Democrat knows full well their party is also guilty of, and has been guilty of in the past, the more people cheer for the falsely charged, fraudulently prosecuted. Trump.
    And even though Desantis’ leadership in Florida is stellar in my opinion. he doesn’t appear to be the attack dog which appeals to the average non-leftist voter.
    If it comes down to Trump or Desantis, I will vote Desantis, HOWEVER, secretly I would like to have Desantis at the helm here in my state. I don’t believe any Republican can reverse, slowdown, or change any of Washington at this point. It’s a lost cause. And I believe it’s every state for themselves. Our opposition has found a way, legally, around the Electoral College system. The Fat Lady has sung and is now eating more donuts.

    1. Trump was called by Michael Moore a “human hand grenade” the working class could legally throw. He turned out to be a flash bang. He was loud, dazzling, shocked a few people, but caused no casualties in the Swamp. The Swamp kept swamping.

      DeSantis is a sniper. He’s not loud, he’s not flashy, he took out the swamp in Florida. Dude fired Woke prosecutors. He passes legislation that Trump talked about but failed to deliver on.

      My disgust with MAGA is that they are just like the Left. They are enthralled with promises but ignore delivery.
      “Trump said he’ll do [X].”
      Okay, but did he deliver on that last time? Has he enunciated a plan on how he’s gonna deliver on that this time? Go you give a shit about results, or just what he says he will do? That’s MAGA.

      1. Trump was a fraud, which did not surprise me in the least. I knew he would fail. Two reasons, number one he’s not able to do anything unless he owns it from the start, and that’s impossible to do with a US presidency. Number two, he did not know politics, much less how the game of corruption works in Washington. I am not in agreement with MAGA. BUT, having said that, I will do what I did last time, and vote against the person I hate the most. I haven’t voted for a person I wanted since Reagan.

        And If Desantis wins the Republican Primary, I will be voting for someone I want for the first time since Reagan. However, I stand by my opinion, that, it won’t matter which Republican goes into the White House, because the level of corruption is so great it will serve as a strait jacket with lead boots.

  4. Larry Corriea put up a comment on FB basically saying the DNC et al are keeping Trump in the news so his supporters stay riled up and he gets the nomination under the belief he can easily be beaten inthe general election.

    1. Easily beaten in the general election? Do not know about that, but I do think you are right. Too many conservatives will vote against him, or not vote at all…
      However, all of this GA indictment thing, and the constant news about Trump is designed to ensure that if/when he loses in 2024, no amount of evidence of vote/election fraud will be taken seriously. It is a massive disinformation campaign to ensure any (D) victory cannot be questioned. Frankly, after 2020, the odds of anyone that does not have a (D) winning a close election in a swing state is approaching zero. And, they public is eating up the news, and more and more people are beginning to think election fraud is just whining from the loser.

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